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MissileControl NZ for iPhone 19 June 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, USB Missile.
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This iPhone application has just been submitted to Apple for App Store approval.

MissileControl is an iPhone/iPod Touch remote control to the Mac OS program “USB Missile Launcher NZ”.


  • An actual USB MIssile Launcher.
  • USB Missile Launcher NZ software version 1.6 or greater.
  • MissileControl for the iPhone or iPod Touch running the 3.0 OS.
  • You will also need your own local area network with all devices on the same network.

Instructions for use.
Ensure that you have one or more USB Missile Launchers connected to your Mac and the USB Missile Launcher NZ software running. You can have multiple macs running the USB Missile Launcher NZ software with multiple launchers attached to each if you wish.
Verify that you can control the Missile Launcher with the Mac OS desktop software.
Now run the iPhone application, select the instance of USB Missile Launcher NZ that you wish to connect to via the settings screen.
Touch the unlock button.
You should now be able to remotely control your missile launcher. Any feedback from the USB Missile Launcher NZ software is displayed the iPhone/iPod touch screen.

Currently pending App Store approval.


USB Missile Launcher v1.6 19 June 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, USB Missile.
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It is well over due for release/ At last I’ve found my “round2it” and have been able to release this update to the USB Missile Launcher NZ software.

Key features in this release from the last one are:

  • Added network messaging support. This provides the base ability for “remote control”, i.e. so that an iPhone (client) application can control this software (server) for the ultimate in launcher control. A unfortunate side effect of this is that the minimum OS level required to run the launcher software is 10.5 (sorry).
  • Found and fixed a memory leak that was caused everytime the launcher was unlocked/locked
  • Added support for the DreamCheeky InfraRed Missile Launcher (though has to update preferences of Vendor ID (2689) and Product ID (65281) manually and ensure that the launcher type is DreamRocketII.
  • Fixed various spellings in the readme file (thank you Lee).
And I’m sorry, but there is now a restriction as well. You must be running Mac OS 10.5 or higher for the software to work.
Coming soon, pending Apple App Store approval – MissileControl – this program will allow you to remote control the launchers.

Download USB Missile Launcher NZ here.