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TrafficCamNZ Desktop for Mac – Update 4 September 2011

Posted by David Wilson in Mac.
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Version 1.1.0 is on its way and will be available for update via the Mac App Store once the approval process completes.

Changes in this version are:

  • Internal changes for Lion (10.7) support
  • Lion Sandbox updates – your preference settings are reset by this change
  • Lion full screen mode supported
  • Camera delete moved from list screen to camera screen
  • Column sort added to camera list screen
  • Bulk processing of NZTA REST files added
  • Added XML Update function to perform find & replace on XML tags to support older versions of the software
  • Fixes for Application crash on camera list screen when deleting cameras


I’ve also slightly updated the application description to hopefully avoid any confusion that the application can only be used for Traffic Cameras. Remember it can be used for image you can source from a web server so long as the image has a fixed name.

TrafficCamNZ displays internet accessible pictures of Traffic Cameras from around the world. It can be used for any images, weather maps, surf pictures, even office security.“.


2nd September I also release a update to the data file that TrafficCamNZ gets all its camera information from. The file included ~50 new cameras from around New Zealand now made available by NZTA. I’ll be issuing another update shortly as I’ve cleaned up the descriptions for the New Zealand cameras – this new update files all New Zealand cameras under [NZ] followed by a 2 letter city abbreviation, i.e. [NZ] WN, [NZ] AK, [NZ] CH, [NZ] DN, [NZ] HN.

The merge process is keyed on the camera URL, so where these are merged the new camera description will come through. Where I have deleted duplicate cameras, these updates will not be applied to your system. You can however go to your preferences screen and perform a XML Only Load – this will delete your existing set of cameras and load the new cameras – you will need to set the featured cameras to watch.


– David