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TrafficCamNZ for Mac and iOS updates released v1.9.1 (iOS) and v1.2.1 (Mac) 14 June 2014

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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An important update for TrafficCamNZ was released today. Actually there was one for Mac and one for iOS. The Mac version has a small change. The iOS change is more important and hopefully it addresses a launch crash when data was trying to be converted.

TrafficCamNZ for iOS version 1.9.1
In this version
● Fixes an issue with ChromeCast and 64bit
● Fixed add button on the Camera List screen – it works now
● AutoRefresh will stop when application is backgrounded and restart when brought to the front
● Tapping Save in Preferences will dismiss the Preferences window
● Fixed an error where data migration did not occur after choosing Local as the storage mechanism
● Fixed a data migration error for flat file to CoreData – NULL fields for attributes are no longer setup

TrafficCamNZ for Mac version 1.2.1
● Fixes an error when importing data from infoconnect

And here’s some helpful tips and information.
With iCloud enabled your TrafficCamNZ database is syncronised between your devices using the same iCloud account. Allow time for syncronisation to occur. When completed on an iPhone or iPad the Refresh button will turn red. On the Mac version the menu bar will change its title to indicate that syncronisation has completed – and on the Mac you will need to save the database to syncronise data to other devices.

Cool tip: Select your cameras to display using TrafficCamNZ on the Mac and save. When syncronised to an iPhone or iPad you can use the Chooser screen to re-order the images. Exit TrafficCamNZ on the iPhone/iPad and after the database has syncronised across iCloud the display order on the Mac is changed.

● TrafficCamNZ for Mac and iOS have a similar feature set. The goal was to allow monitoring of image snapshots from any camera on the internet and allow users to add/change/delete their own cameras rather than restrict the application to a specific list of cameras. The images displayed must come from a fixed address, that is the image file names cannot change – this can restrict TrafficCamNZ from displaying some images.
● TrafficCamNZ is not intended to be complex to use. The Main data file contains approximately 9000 cameras – these can be added/removed by the providers at any moment – the only “default” cameras shown by TrafficCamNZ are those that have been “scraped” off the internet.
● If you have an XML formatted list of images you think would be useful to TrafficCamNZ users please contact dgwilson to arrange for the data to be made available in the main data feed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Work Around for launch Crash: On the chance that I have not managed to identify the launch crash (and I’m pretty sure it occurs during data conversion from the old version of the App)…
You can delete the application from your iOS device, re-download and start again like the program is new. This is of course an issue if you have your own specialised dataset. If you have previously mailed the data file to yourself (option via preferences) in the older version then it can be reloaded…. a few hoops to jump through… it can be done though.

– David