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TrafficCamNZ – Fixes! 24 June 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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Ahem… sorry…

Under certain circumstances TrafficCamNZ on the iPad will crash. Actually the operating system will crash it due to too much memory being used. I have a fix for this to reduce the memory footprint and I’m working on a number of other enhancements for the iPad. In the mean time if you have been experiencing some stability issues I recommend reducing the number of “Favourite” images you show on the main screen.

Fixes and enhancements to date still in development are:
1.5.7 Tidied up the “Loading Data” display on the preferences screen. Message with animated activity indicator is now centered on the screen
1.5.8 Changed some internal image handling to eliminate crashes due to memory being exhausted on the iPad. Memory resources used by the main screen have been reduced by 3/4.
1.5.8 Preferences screen on iPad is presented as a popover, you must press the Done button to save preference changes
1.5.8 Fixed Favourite images screen on the iPad so that they no longer bounce vertically 1.5.8 Base SDK changed to iPhone OS 4.0

I also want to change the way pins are displayed on the map, rather than show every pin when you’re zoomed out, I want to show one pin for the geographical grouping. As you zoom in, more pins are displayed. Well that’s the idea anyway. I need to invest some time and figure out how to do that. This will also help performance and reduce memory consumption.

– David