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TrafficCamNZ Desktop for Mac – News 16 December 2013

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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TrafficCamNZ Desktop for Mac has been getting an internal make over. Lots has been happening on the inside… all of which should improve the user experience and make it much faster and more reliable to use. The changes are:

* update to use Apples CoreData database
* the Main window now uses a NSCollectionView to display the images – this has given some more flexibility in layout – you can choose horizontal or vertical scrolling – and its also faster
* I’m attempting to store the database on iCloud – if I get this working and update the iPhone/iPad application too … then the desktop changes will automatically be reflected in the iPhone and vice versa.
* when you show the camera list – you can double click on an entry to bring up the edit mode – yea… this is way better than clicking the edit button
* imports and updates now show progress
* memory management is much improved… for those technically inclined… I’ve updated to ARC.

I’m still testing and chasing down problems:
1. memory footprint while much better – can get too high at times – so I’m trying to control that
2. iCloud – I want to be more certain about things here before I release
3. Coredata – just following up on an import/re-initialise bug – I need to reproduce and track it down

– David