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TrafficCamNZ – New features coming soon 28 December 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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I was inspired recently when I received a very encouraging e-mail from Chris. His e-mail has already resulted in a new release (out now) that allows you to assign a TAG number to images so that they can be sequenced on the main viewing screen. The next suggested feature involves GPS tagging every camera – this is a big job.

First off the enhancements to TrafficCamNZ are to show the captured GPS locations and Cameras on a map screen, and to show these locations in relation to you and provide zoom in/out abilities. That looks like the screen capture below. By tapping one of the pins the software tells you what camera this pin is. Then by tapping on the “disclosure triangle” you get a full screen image of that camera:

Next step is to provide an ability to capture the data, so the camera data entry screen has been altered to allow for the manual entry of Latitude and Longitude coordinates. This can be somewhat tedious for data entry, so I’ve also modified the bulk data import routines to allow for bulk update by me to all users. To facilitate easy coordinate capture I have also added an ability to “use this location” – as the location data is being obtained the coordinates are shown in red, then as the samples improve they turn black and the GPS locator shuts down (to conservce battery). So if you are standing next to a known traffic camera, you can capture the current location for that camera (no data entry required). I’m now thinking I’ll add in an ability for you to e-mail these updates to me as there appears to be no known reference database for traffic cameras and GPS coordinates (unless they are related to speed cameras!).

This screen will scroll up (when I get that working). At the moment by touching the button (where the image is shown in the screenshot) it will got and test the retrieval of the image. Tap that image and it will show it to you in full screen.

This version is still in development and not yet submitted to Apple.


TrafficCamNZ – New Features 19 December 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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Approved this week was a new version of TrafficCamNZ. This version allows you to “tag” a camera with a number (any number). Then as images are presented on the main screen, they are presented in your numbering order. If an image has not been given a number, then the program automatically assigns one starting from 100.

I’m also pleased to announce that I have been working on presenting a map view of cameras that shows where the cameras are. Pins are put onto the map to show camera locations and as the map is presented it zooms into your location (if the GPS on your iPhone is enabled). While this version is still in development progress is very good and I hope to submit this version to Apple in January 2010.

I need your help. Obtaining the GPS locations for the cameras I already have (or new ones for that matter) is somewhat if a challenge. If you are able to help with the locations of cameras in your area, please post a comment to this message. I already have Auckland (NZ), I can make a very educated guess at the Wellington (NZ) cameras.

Hope to hear from you soon.