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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4.10 Release 31 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

I’m pleased to announce that the USB Missile Launcher NZ software now supports the DreamCheeky “RocketBaby” launcher. There were a number of people who assisted with getting this release across the line, thank you to Joe (for sending me a launcher) and Phil for his USB support (particularly his use of the USB Protocol Analyser and the requirement for reading the HID Descriptor).

Details of changes in this release.

  • Correct issues with Installer Maker packaging not working (something to do with spaces in file names?)
  • Have received actual Rockey Baby Launcher for testing, testing completed – up/down/right/left/fire all working – also detected correctly full travel movement responses from launcher
  • Correct application launch issues when kext not installed and causes application crash
  • Found and fixed a bug in the FindInterfaces USB code, this may have effected some launcher operations
  • Adding support for new DreamCheeky Launcher (internal name = RocketBaby)
  • Added new kext for RocketBaby support
  • Added code to DeviceAdded to read the HID Descriptor (the RocketBaby won’t work properly unless this is done). It is now done for all launchers
  • Enhanced application version checking code
  • Added message to display window if launcher is actually connected at application start
  • Added “Prime Fire” button – works for two models of DreamCheeky launcher. This means that there is now a shorter time to actually fire when you do fire.

Please refer to the download links on the left of this page to get your updated release.

Note: I have had some issues with the PackageMaker under Leopard while trying to get this release produced. As a consequence, the folder that is installed within the Applications folder on your machine has been renamed to have the spaces removed file from name. You may be left with the old folder in the Application directory, this can be removed.

For anyone trying to do their own coding for this launcher, here are the updated control codes:

// Set up Packet - 21 09 00 02 00 00 00 00
// 0x01 - down
// 0x02 - up
// 0x04 - left
// 0x08 - right
// 0x10 - fire
// 0x20 - stop
// 0x40 - request status
// 1. To fire, Send 0x10
// 2. The motor keeps working now, keep sending 0x40 to ask for status (say, every 100~500ms)
// 3. If 0x00 received, then the missile is not fired.
// 4. If 0x10 received, them missile is fired.
// 5. If the missile is fired, send 0x20 to stop it.
// Other launcher Responses - these are returned as bits and thus you need to check like "if (rbBuffer[0] & 0x01)" using Bitwise AND
// 0x01 - all the way down
// 0x02 - all the way up
// 0x04 - all the way left
// 0x08 - all the way right
// 0x10 - fire has completed


New releases from DreamCheeky 30 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.
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Found these on the net today:

Wireless USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher with Web CAM 

I don’t have these launchers and at this point do not offer support in the Mac version of the Missile Launcher software for them. But boy would I love to get my hands on these!

RocketBaby – Christmas Update 23 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.
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Seasons Greetings everyone…

Thanks to a group of dedicated testers and in particular one with a USB Protocol Analyser we do have a release of the USB Missile Launcher NZ software that you can use with your Mac. I have not been able to test this release against the RocketBaby launcher as I don’t have one … yet … One of these launchers is in transit to me though it now seems unlikely that it will arrive on my doorstep before Christmas.

The testing team have reported good things at this point with the software, it now controls the launcher and fires… though there may be some things that don’t work so well (like the diagonal commands).


These are at different locations to the normal ones as I am not happy to replace the normal download links at this stage, I don’t what the other supported launchers to break especially while I’m away over the next week or so. Though I’d be surprised if there were any issues. All downloads here a relative to the v1.4.9 build 140 release.

Installer within Disk Image package – this is for everyone

Source code package – if you want to play.

You will need Xcode installed, and probably Xcode 3 as supplied with Leopard. There is more work to do on this release and I hope to do that once I get my hands on the launcher. If anyone has suggestions or even changes the code themselves to make improvements I’d really like to see what you’ve done and get the source updates so that the software can evolve.

RocketBaby woes…. 5 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Efforts to get the Missile Launcher software working with the new Dream Cheeky Launcher – RocketBaby – have not been successful. 

Unfortunately I do not have one of these launchers and making slight code changes at the USB driver level and sending them offshore for overnight or 1, 2, 3 days turn around is proving to be very frustrating. 

I really need someone to send me one of the launchers! 

The launcher does move, uncontrollably at this stage, the issues are occurring when I’m trying to get feedback from the launcher on its status.

Attempts in this space are causing the software to lock up. I did find a very good USB web site last night and have been doing more reading on the “readPipe”, and I’m now awaiting feedback from off shore. 

Being able to get hold of one of these launchers would significantly speed up development for the enjoyment of all.

What would also possibly help is if anyone else, maybe in the Linux community, has some code that will drive one of the DreamCheeky “RocketBaby” Rocket Launchers. 

usbVendorID: 2689(0xa81) usbProductID: 1793(0x701)

Device Name: Rocket Baby