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TrafficCamNZ application update 25 March 2012

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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Yesterday I submitted TrafficCamNZ and TrafficCamNZ Free updates to Apple for approval. Essentially both program updates take advantage of the Retina display on the new iPad. Here’s a list of changes in both applications.

1.7.0 Improved image rendering for readability on Retina displays
1.7.0 Build against iOS 5.1 sdk
1.7.0 Minor user interface changes
1.7.0 Fixed some Retina display launch images on iPad

TrafficCamNZ Free
1.5.9 Improved image rendering for readability on Retina displays
1.5.9 Support for iOS 5.1
1.5.9 Minor user interface changes
1.5.9 Fixed some Retina display launch images on iPad
1.5.9 Added a first run help message
1.5.9 Raised minimum deployment target to iOS 4.3
1.5.9 Updated for ARC

The addition of the starting help message is likely very important for first time users. I suspect that people have struggled at times to understand some of the program functions and in particular how to turn on and turn off cameras.

– David


AirServer and TrafficCamNZ for iOS 3 March 2012

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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AirServer for Mac.


I’ve just upgraded AirServer for Mac on my Mac desktop. Version 4.0 now lets you use Video Mirroring from your iOS device (if your hardware supports it) to the Mac.
It tested great with TrafficCamNZ – make sure you refresh the display to ensure the external (mirror) is updated.

TrafficCamNZ has been especially developed NOT to mirror the display – instead when it detects that the external display is available it treats it as a second screen and takes that opportunity to show the images full screen. You still control all functionality from the iPad, iPhone.

I was going to be quite sneaky and take picture for you of my desktop 27″ display running TrafficCamNZ mirrored to the Mac… only I need to take that picture with the iPhone and that’s running TrafficCamNZ. I’ll work on that.
In the mean time the picture below is of the mirrored display with the camera taking a picture of the camera, of the camera, of the camera, of the camera… you get the idea.

Turning on video Mirroring… The screen shot below should help. Double Tap the home button, when the Apps appear, swipe them to the right, this reveals the music player and controls as well as the rotation lock, swipe these to the right and you see a volume control and airplay control. Tap the Airplay control to see a screen like the one below… This shows the iPhone, my Mac, 3 x AppleTV’s and an Airport Express. The Mac is selected and VideoMirroring is ON (you’ll have to turn yours on).

One whole lot of fun for a very wet saturday.

– David