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TrafficCamNZ – What’s new? 12 July 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

In previous postings I have listed some of the new features and enhancements coming to TrafficCamNZ. About a week ago some internal parts of the application have been ripped apart, re-written, and put back together (with no left over screws!). I’ve also added some iOS4 support. The best way to discuss the new improvements coming in the next update to TrafficCamNZ is to show you.

Things don’t look that different on the main screen. You will notice that the TabBar presently shows Library and LibrarySplit – I’ll change this name before submission for approval. Notice the Favourites, it’s shown as Green – this means you have selected Favourites in the preferences and that is what is currently shown. This will change to Location Services or Predictive depending on what you have selected.

Here is that same main screen again, this time the “4” button has been pressed. You can put your finger on the screen to scroll left/right, or you can touch to the left/right of the dots above the refresh button to scroll through the images.

As before touching an image will show it full screen. Only this time the image is retrieved again from its source and shown in the best quality available (there can be some really low resolution images out there…).

The split view for maintaining cameras makes working on them a lot easier now.

Titles Single Image this tab lets you select a camera and have its image shown on the whole screen.

The Map has changed a lot. To help performance a reduced number of pins are shown on the screen, more are revealed as you zoom in. Selecting a pin will show it’s name and URL as before, tapping on the disclosure triangle to the right will retrieve and display the camera image.

Another Map, this time around New York.

A few more things to clean up before submission and getting this version of the application into you hands.

– David