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LogoSaver – a ScreenSaver for Mac 12 August 2015

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Updated to add support for a background colour… LogoSaver is now available for download at the address below.

Use this link if you are running Mac OS 10.10 (it may also work for 10.9 and 10.8)

LogoSaver v2.2 – screensaver for Mac OS X

Use this link if you are running Mac OS 10.7

LogoSaver v2.2 special – screensaver for Mac OS X

– David


TrafficCamNZ for Apple Watch – released 12 August 2015

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Releasing shortly is a update for TrafficCamNZ that includes support for the Apple Watch.

Here’s some watch screen shots so that you can see what it looks like.
Glance on the watch is also supported showing you the first camera in your Favourites on the iPhone.

Here’s what is included in this release (1.9.6) :
● Fixed an issue with switching iCloud preferences
● Squished some vermin
● Squished some bigger vermin related to choosing favourite cameras on the iPhone
● Updated the camera defaults to improve your first launch experience
● Main screen on iPhone now has a cleaner display, the mode indicator will show in Green – Favourites, Auto Detect, Predictive – instead of a place holder for each one.
● Updated ChromeCast / GoogleCast software version
● Added support for Application Notifications
● Added AppleWatch Support – The selected Favourite cameras on the iPhone are displayed on the Apple Watch. To change the cameras shown on the Apple Watch edit your favourites in the iPhone application. Double Tap an image to refresh. Long Press for Menu and select refresh to refresh all images.

and if you haven’t updated in a while… updates in the previous release (1.9.5) include:
● Support iPhone 6+
● Support for splitscreen on iPhone 6+ in the Library – rotate your phone to landscape to see this
● Main screen on iPhone 6+ shows two camera images side by side when in Landscape
● Alternate preverences layout presented depending on device model when rotated
● Fixed an issue loading cameras when the preferences screen had never been viewed – this enhances the initial user experience
● Fixed an issue for initial load – the Load Defaults button is now visible on iPhone

[Update 13 August – TrafficCamNZ has been release for AppStore distribution]

– David