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Mac OS – USB Missile Launcher NZ – Released 18 June 2006

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.


Good news for Mac users who have wanted to buy the USB Missile Launcher only to find that the enclosed software is for PC.

A Mac version is almost ready for release and it will be a Universal Binary application. I hope to be able to publish the application complete with source code.

Here is a screen shot or two

Launcher Window 1

This is the initial screen. The Launcher Safety Lock is ON.


Launcher Window 3

The safety is OFF, you can now move the Launcher, FIre etc. If the Launcher is left idle for a period of time (set by preferences) the Launcher is automaticlaly locked.



This release is the only recent one that works on Mac OS 10.3.9 – The latest Mac OS 10.3.9 release can be downloaded using the download links in the left hand pane of this web page. [09May07]


SmackEdit – beat your Mac – (using Mac notebook motion sensor) 18 June 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Remember type writers? Mechanical devices for printing letters on a page.

These devices had a leaver on the carridge that you would hit to force the page to move up one line of type and then move the carridge back to the beginning of the page. And all this with the “ding” just as you reached the end of the line.

Oh well, what come aound goes aound… and now that’s been emulated on a MacBook Pro (or any Mac with motion sensor) – you simply “hit”you Mac when it’s reached the end of the line. You’ll hear that ding and the carridge returning to the begging of the next line. [it will actually work on any Mac – only for the hit effect you will need the motion sensor).

See the Authors Blog entry on this. SmackEdit Authors Blog Entry
Download site: here – This is version 1.0. A verison 1.01 does exist somewhere that fixes a preferences bug.