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TrafficCamNZ update for iPhone X 2 December 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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This update will be available via the AppStore soon. [Note this update has been released, along with 1.9.13 which includes a fix for iPad image position on the main screen].

Version 1.9.12.
Adds support for iPhone X.

Landscape goes edge to edge.

There’s a new preference setting to reduce the size of the image so that it comes in under the iPhone X safe areas.

And when that setting is on, the images are letterboxed.

– David


TrafficCamNZ Update v1.9.11 8 October 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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There’s a new version on it’s way… and will be available shortly.

View on App Store

In this version (1.9.11)

This is a maintenance release that has been largely internally focused. The changes removed code, complicated routines, and quite possibly errors that could have resulted in the odd crash or two. Now it is cleaner and is no where near as complicated. Here is a bit of a summary of the changes:

● Internal changes that improve the reliability when a datafile update is processed
● Internal changes that improve the reliability when deleting cameras
● Internal changes switching from NIB files to Storyboards – this was a big change which should provide more reliabilty and stability
● Improvements to the Map Tab – when you select the Map Tab, and you have allowed your location to be detected, the map will move to you location to show you the cameras around you. In addition there is a handy button on the botton right of the screen to zoom to your location if you move away.
● First time user experience is improved again
● Quite possibly some new icons in a number of places and at x3 resolution too!
● Search bars on the camera list screens work in a much nicer interface way now.
● iOS 11 update

– David

It’s ALIVE 4 May 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.

It’s been some time since this was last working on recent operating systems.
The good news is that it’s alive and again controlling launchers on MacOS Sierra.
First real test has been successful.

There’s a little way to go before I can think about a release…

– David

Resizor 3 May 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Tonight Resizor get an update to version 1.0.3, and new in this release is:

• Adds ability to save image as x1, x2, x3 using button on main window
• Updates to the json file contents
• Saved files are now of type imageset to allow for drop and drag import to Xcode
• Option added to save images without the Alpha channel – see the tick button on the main screen

Resizor is available in the Mac AppStore with the following link: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/resizor/id722719147?mt=12

– David

TrafficCamNZ Lite 27 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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TrafficCamNZ Lite has been released on the iOS AppStore.

Formerly known as TrafficCamNZ Free the application has been updated for the latest iOS release and devices.

New in version 1.6.6
• Remove iAd support
• Minimum iOS is 8.0
• Minor bug fixes
• Rename application to Lite

Download from the iOS AppStore here:

– David

TrafficCamNZ for iOS and TrafficCamNZ Desktop for MacOS updates released 23 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Updates have been released!

TrafficCamNZ for iOS version1.9.10

This release contains some much needed updates (errr fixes) and a few enhancements.

● Bugfix – icloud merge policy change *
● Fixed an iCloud merge policy setting, again, – updates between iOS devices and MacOS should go much better
● ChromeCast publishing issue has been addressed – service restored
● Other Bug fixes
● More Other Bug fixes

* when used with the TrafficCamNZ Desktop MacOS application – changes on either device should syncronise

TrafficCamNZ Desktop for MacOS version 1.2.8

● TimeLapse recording disabled
● Command-Click an image in the main window to edit the image details
● Maps will show Traffic now if that data is available
● Fixed an iCloud merge policy setting – updates between iOS devices and MacOS should go much better
● Camera list now allows for bulk deletion of cameras
● Bug and stability fixes
● Adds support for TouchBar

– David

TrafficCamNZ – Updated Datafile available 20 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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I have performed a clean up on the camera file that holds all of the cameras you can use in TrafficCamNZ of the Desktop and iOS.
I’ve removed over 1000 cameras that were no longer working… and have been able to add in others from around the world, along with some updates.

I do not have the ability to delete dead camera from your running instance of TrafficCamNZ – this means that only you can remove the dead cameras. If you are using the built in set then you can go to the preferences screen and choose XML Load Only. This will delete all of the existing cameras and load the new camera set from the file on the web. You will have to reset up your favourite cameras.

If you are happy with the set of cameras you have, then an XML Merge will just merge in the new camera data with the old, applying any updates as required.

Thank you for being a TrafficCamNZ user. Some extra good news – There are updated versions of TrafficCamNZ Desktop for MacOS and TrafficCamNZ for iOS on their way. They will be released via their respective AppStores in the next couple of days.

– David

Moments is now available on the Mac AppStore 9 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Capture the moment. Let family, friends, and guests take pictures in the digital photobooth, or studio. Pictures can be played back nearly live locally or remotely.



Moments release date 8 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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I’m planning to release Moments on Sunday afternoon New Zealand time – 9th April 2017.

Moments – Photo Booth Software 2 April 2017

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I’m excited to share some more information with you about “Moments”. The release date is getting closer and in preparation I’ve put together a little video of Moments in use. The video show you some of the preparation required to set up for your event. You’ll also see Moments being used. Hope you like it.