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TrafficCamNZ – addon URL’s 21 December 2008

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For those that have been searching the web for web cameras to load into the TrafficCamNZ iPhone application, I have some more for you. Actually I’ve been updating the Full version application this weekend so that it has a new set of default cameras from around the world, California, New York, San Francisco, and London. I’ve also modified the program so that you can get the new set of default URL’s, that come supplied with the application, merged back into the list you have. That way you can pick up the ones I’ve added. I’ve got some more testing to do before submitting to the Apple App Store.

In the mean time, here are some of those URL’s. Watch out, you must enter them exactly as shown, upper and lower case included. And I recommend you test them in a browser first.


































Below is the new Camera list screen. The green dot indicating that the camera is on (or rather the iPhone application will attempt to retrieve an image for this camera).
The screen shots below are from two other cameras around the world, one the USA, the other one in the UK.
screenshot-20081220-205708  screenshot-20081220-205729

TrafficCamNZ available for download 13 December 2008

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TrafficCamNZ is now available for download from the iTunes store. Click on the link to be taken to iTunes where you can download or search for “trafficcamnz” from within the app store.

iTunes link to TrafficCamNZ Free

iTunes link to TrafficCamNZ


The application allows you to specify any web URL. So you can insert and update the URL references to point to any web image, though the point here is one that changes frequently, and the application will display that image. The full version will allow you to display up to 19 images. With the images loaded, simply flick your finger across the screen to view each image in turn.

You can see the image full screen on the iPhone/iTouch, test the URL and when the image is displayed, click/touch on the image. This then lets you resize the image and move around it etc.

– David

TrafficCamNZ an iPhone application 2 December 2008

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I’m almost set to submit my iPhone application to the Apple iTunes Application Store. I developed it for myself and thought that others would find it of use as well. Here’s an introduction.


What’s happening with the traffic? TrafficCamNZ allows you to monitor any Internet web address to display the current image.

Downloaded images are setup side by side so that you can swipe across the screen to view multiple images quickly.

You can setup monitoring URL’s for any internet images not just traffic cameras.

The application comes pre-configured with the New Zealand traffic cameras for Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch.

You can turn those off and turn on the other cameras or add your own specific cameras.

Application notes:

  • Pictures are displayed in the order they are received so the image arrangement may be different every time you run the application or refresh
  • You will be downloading pictures over your a WiFi or 3G connection – they may be large – you should monitor your network traffic usage
  • Images are not cached, if you recieve an image that isn’t right (i.e. daylight when you know it is night time, it may be that the camera is not functioning)
  • Sometimes the traffic camera pictures are not up-to-date on the internet. You may see night puictures when it is supposed to be daylight or perhaps pictures don’t change. TrafficCamNZ has no control over that.



  • Flick through the loaded images with your finger
  • Full screen image display for one image with pinch/zoom
  • Load your own web images by specifying a World Wide Web URL, and test before saving
  • Free version available, loads up to 3 images
  • Full version available, loads up to 19 images
  • Choose your own list of images to display up to the application limit
  • Comes loaded with Traffic Cameras for New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) with selected cameras displayed. Edit the preferences to turn on the display or turn off the display of the pre-loaded cameras. Remember you cannot display more than three at any one time with the free version.

What does it look like… Below is a sample of screen snapshots from both versions (I’m proposing to have two versions, one free, limited to a small number of images display, and a full version, the number of images will still be restricted for memory management reasons).