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TrafficCamNZ camera update available 29 July 2012

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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I have released a new camera file for TrafficCamNZ. This release contains updates to existing cameras including:

[UK] London

The [NZ] WN cameras are those managed by Citylink in New Zealand, all of the camera URL’s changed.
As it is a policy of TrafficCamNZ not to delete cameras you have in your camera list – the defunct cameras you will need to manually delete. the new cameras have a URL formatted as follows:

The application should advise you within the next 7 days that a update is available, so long as you run the application.
If you want the camera updates sooner, tap the i button on the feature window, then tap the “XML Merge” button.
The data file will download and the updates will be applied. This may take 30-60 seconds to do the updates – timing will be dependant on the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient.

– David


TrafficCamNZ – Citylink.co.nz camera updates 23 July 2012

Posted by David Wilson in General.
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Citylink in Wellington, New Zealand have changed their web site.

The URL’s for their 5 cameras change changed.

I’ve updated (but not yet released the master data file). You may like to apply your updates manually as the new URL’s will not change your existing cameras.

This entry
is now
and so on for the rest of the cameras


The easiest way to do the updates is probably manually, search on citylink and edit from there.
I’ll issue the update to the master data file soon.

– David