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USB Missile Launcher – Video Support – Alpha Release 14 October 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

USBMissileLauncherIt’s here!

Version 1.4 alpha (yes, only an alpha release at this stage). It is stable, I don’t know if I’m happy with the interface, size, position, and the way it is working. Best way to figure this out is to release what I have and get feedback.

The release notes are as follows:

1.4 1 Oct06 Added Video Camera Support

  • initial alpha release integrated Quartz Composer video stream
  • this build now uses source code from Apple (WhackedTV) as video source
  • Video stream (on screen display only at this stage) incorporates Gun Sight target
  • Video Stream can be recorded
  • You can use Video Settings to change your video source (works with iSight, built-in iSight, Firewire DV Cameras)
  • Note: you cannot reopen the video window after you have closed it. You need to stop and restart the program
  • Note: testing with 10.5 Leopard (build 10.5 (9A241e) has revealed some USB driver issues this is yet to be investigated

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

And yes as noted above I have tested the USB Missile Launcher on the developer release of 10.5. There seems to be a USB driver issue, so if you are playing in this area you have been warned.

Plecase click on the download link in the sidebar for the latest release.


Video Support – USB Missile Launcher 4 October 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

USBMissileLauncherThe most requested feature enhancement – add video so that I can target my ‘victim’ – to the USB Missile Launcher software is currently under development.
Soon you will be able to mount your iSight or other Video camera ontop of your USB Missile Launcher, track your target, and fire!
You will probably have to come up with some elaborate mounting mechanism for the camera as it will not fit naturally.
I need some feedback though… Are there any requirements to “record” the video feed. If I need to record, there seems to be a greater coding effort. At the moment I have a working version simply by using Quartz Composer (no coding required!!) but this (I don’t think) will allow the video stream to be recorded. And there is possibly another complication. With Quartz Composer you may not be able to choose your camera (if you have more than one – if you have a Mac with built-in iSight and another remote camera mounted on the Launcher – I don’t know which camer will be used). Quartz Composer is great, but I might have to move away from it.