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USB Missile Launcher v1.6 19 June 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, USB Missile.
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It is well over due for release/ At last I’ve found my “round2it” and have been able to release this update to the USB Missile Launcher NZ software.

Key features in this release from the last one are:

  • Added network messaging support. This provides the base ability for “remote control”, i.e. so that an iPhone (client) application can control this software (server) for the ultimate in launcher control. A unfortunate side effect of this is that the minimum OS level required to run the launcher software is 10.5 (sorry).
  • Found and fixed a memory leak that was caused everytime the launcher was unlocked/locked
  • Added support for the DreamCheeky InfraRed Missile Launcher (though has to update preferences of Vendor ID (2689) and Product ID (65281) manually and ensure that the launcher type is DreamRocketII.
  • Fixed various spellings in the readme file (thank you Lee).
And I’m sorry, but there is now a restriction as well. You must be running Mac OS 10.5 or higher for the software to work.
Coming soon, pending Apple App Store approval – MissileControl – this program will allow you to remote control the launchers.

Download USB Missile Launcher NZ here.



1. Percy - 7 September 2009

Thanks for your effort. You make my USB missile alive in MacOSX!

I want your help: Would you mind to make a driver for Jam USB Panic Button? It is a funny gadget but only works under Windoz. Thank you very much.

Reference link:

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