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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4.7 Release 12 May 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Finally I’m able to release a new version of the USB Missile Launcher NZ software.

Major work has gone into diagnosing an issue regarding control of the DreamCheeky launchers where it appears as though a new version of the hardware was being very strict on the control sequences that were sent to it. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped with the diagnosis of this issue, your help is very much appreciated.

Included in this release is:

  • Added German Language translation
  • Altered some diagnostic code to help isolate problems with Striker II and DreamCheeky support
  • Fixed an error where incorrect USB parameters were being sent to the DreamCheeky launcher
  • Fixed an error where the “end of travel” for the DreamCheeky launcher was not being detected properly
  • Fixed an error where some Striker II laser was not working
  • Added “debug” option to General preferences. Output is sent to the Console.log file – warning this can be _very_ verbose
  • Added Applescript support, refer to the application AppleScript dictionary for command set and example in readme document
  • Added application startup check for required kext files – warning message issued if they are missing
  • Dramatically improved the Fire sequence for DreamCheeky launchers, now reads feedback from launcher when fire completes, two or more DreamCheeky launchers connected at the same time will fire sequentially.

One of the exciting new developments is the addition of AppleScript support. You can now issue launcher control commands via applescript as shown below:
tell application “USB Missile Launcher NZ”
move right seconds 2
move left seconds 2
move up seconds 1
move down seconds 1
delay 7
end tell

As always for more information please have a look at the readme file that is included with the release.

I have updated the source code distribution for this release, it is available as a separate download from the link on the downloads section of this web site.