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BIOS Weather Station BW976 – update 2 June 2008

Posted by David Wilson in Mac.
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If you have one of these weather stations, you can now download the application (as is, where is) and the source code. Are the strings attached? DEFINITELY. I want you to tell me and other what you do with it!

My goal with the weather station is to get a old Mac Mini (doesn’t make any noise or very little) and run it in a DMZ off my firewall, then on the Mac Mini run OS 10.5 and use the built in web browser to serve weather data and graphs from my home on the internet. I am missing a few things… A Mac Mini for starters, then the software to run on the web pages, and time to implement. So if you get there first… I want to know.

Source Code

Weather Station Application

I’m looking forward to some good stories…


LogoSaver Mac OS ScreenSaver – Updated 2 June 2008

Posted by David Wilson in Mac.
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I have released a update to my Screensaver. Leveraging some web assistance from this web site I added the iLife Media Browser window into the Screensaver. Now when you click on the media button the ilife Media Browser appears and you can click and drag photos into the image. This means you can easily choose from your photo or photobooth library to select a picture for the screen saver rather then having to navigate through the file hierarchy to find the picture you want.

This update does restrict usage to users on Mac OS 10.5.x.

Download your copy from the download links on the sidebar of this web page.

USB Missile Launcher NZ v 1.4.11 Released 2 June 2008

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.
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This release has a bit of an interface change… That’s the cosmetic stuff. Behind the scenes though there is been some improvements as I’ve mentioned in a previous post:

  • Distribution created by automated build
  • Changed application identifier from “com.david.USB Missile Launcher NZ” to “com.david.USBMissileLauncherNZ” – this resolves issues with PackageMaker 3.0 – preferences are also reset as a result of this. Users could also delete the file “~/Library/Preferences/com.david.USB Missile Launcher NZ” if they want to.
  • Enhanced deployment package so that System Extensions (Kext) files don’t always need to be installed, and thus don’t need to reboot
  • Code Cleanup in USBMissileControl, DeviceNotification procedure
  • Found and fixed an issue with menu controls for the launcher – specifically move up/right
  • Fix an issue in Germal localisation language translation file
  • Major internal engineering change with main window and NSResponder
  • Modified driver code to handle USB device connection issues better and in a more friendly way to avoid application crashes
  • Video window can now be closed and re-opened
  • Main application window cannot be closed
  • Fixed a bug in MissileControl for handling multiple launchers – only impacted there was DreamRocketII style launcher connected
  • Launch controls drawer now has background picture (yea, big deal – I know).

Click on the download link on this page to get the latest version