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TrafficCamNZ – addon URL’s 21 December 2008

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For those that have been searching the web for web cameras to load into the TrafficCamNZ iPhone application, I have some more for you. Actually I’ve been updating the Full version application this weekend so that it has a new set of default cameras from around the world, California, New York, San Francisco, and London. I’ve also modified the program so that you can get the new set of default URL’s, that come supplied with the application, merged back into the list you have. That way you can pick up the ones I’ve added. I’ve got some more testing to do before submitting to the Apple App Store.

In the mean time, here are some of those URL’s. Watch out, you must enter them exactly as shown, upper and lower case included. And I recommend you test them in a browser first.


































Below is the new Camera list screen. The green dot indicating that the camera is on (or rather the iPhone application will attempt to retrieve an image for this camera).
The screen shots below are from two other cameras around the world, one the USA, the other one in the UK.
screenshot-20081220-205708  screenshot-20081220-205729


1. Ian M Camera - 23 December 2008


Thank you for this app! I’m having trouble with some that I would really like in Massachusetts, USA, b/c they are presented as a slide show, and end in .php


Is there a way to make these work?


David Wilson - 23 December 2008

I’ve had a look at the php source code and have determined that the URL below will view a particular image.

– different camera, but it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things at the moment.
See the image has a date/time on the end…
Now if we knew that they always stored the last image as a specific file name, then we’d be OK.

I’ll keep looking.

– David

David Wilson - 23 December 2008

Here it is, got it sussed…


or in your case…


You can pick up the URL’s from this page…


– David

2. Annie - 13 January 2009

Do you have washington DC I95 or I495 cameras? Or any traffic cams for washington dc/maryland metro area?

3. Ora - 14 January 2009

Anyone have some links to Denver and surrounding areas?

Is there an easier way to add the URL’s rather than typing them in?

David Wilson - 14 January 2009

Hi There…

Unfortunately not.

However, I’m quite happy to add in links if you can provide them to me along with their description.
Then when I submit another release to Apple, that will filter through to you. (There is another release going through the approval process at the moment).

– David

4. Chance - 16 January 2009

I’ve got links for El Paso and Douglas Counties in Colorado. http://www.cotrip.org should have links to all the Denver cams.

I’ve noticed one annoying bug in the app (yes, I bought the paid version) is that when I go edit a camera and turn it off, I get a duplicate entry in my favorites for that camera. Once entry has the camera on and the other has it off.

5. idsecuritysolutions - 16 January 2009

I’m having difficulty figuring out what the links are. For instance, for I-25 and Lincoln, what is that URL?

David Wilson - 16 January 2009

Do any of the cameras here listed make sense?


6. Gil Leon - 23 January 2009

I just puchased your application and it works great except I can’t add any of t he cameras I need. Is there somthing I’m doing wrong? here is a sample of the camera I would like to add.

David Wilson - 26 January 2009

Hi Gil… I’ve found the URL as part of the link you provided… It’s buried in the HTML source (as right click has been disabled on the page).

7. Shanna - 24 October 2009

How can I get the Deshutes cam and Riverside cam to work on this site? http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist2/cctv/allcams.shtml
thanks in advance for your help.

David Wilson - 24 October 2009

Each image needs to be picked up individually. So from the first URL you provided – “allcams.shtml” I’ve clicked on the first image, it’s opened in a new window. Then when I right click on that image and ask for it to be opened in a new window, the actual URL is at the top of the screen… in this case http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist2/cctv/nhilt/nhilt.jpg

Doing the same thing with the other URL’s you provided I get: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist2/cctv/deschutes/deschutes.jpg http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist2/cctv/riverside/riverside.jpg

I hope that helps.

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

Shanna - 11 December 2009

Haven’t checked back in awhile, sorry. So I must say Thank You very much, those links worked perfectly!!’

8. Shanna - 24 October 2009
9. Shanna - 24 October 2009
10. Shanna - 11 December 2009

How can I get this one to work?

thank you in advance

David Wilson - 11 December 2009

this is the url you want

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

11. Larry tractenberg - 4 June 2010

Any way to see my own home webcam?
Entering the URL doesn’t work.

David Wilson - 4 June 2010

Hi Larry…

Great question. I guess the answer is “it depends”. Probably not quite what you wanted to hear. At this point TrafficCamNZ only handles still images off the web. That is to say if it is streaming video it will not work.

Can you tell me what the make and model of web camera you are using is? What Operating System is it hooked into and what software is being used to control it?

Lets assume from this point that that the camera does capture still images, perhaps every 60, 20, 10 seconds… Do you know the URL that the images are available on? Have you accessed that URL from within your home using a browser on a desktop computer? Assuming it works inside your home, have you accessed the same images remotely (from a friends/relatives/work)?

If you get YES to all of the above…. We need to know, is the camera (camera software) serving up the same image name every time? if the image name is constantly changing, this won’t work for us.

The other thing to consider is that you may have one URL to use while inside your home ( and another URL to use when away from home (http://mysite.com:8080/secret/webcam/currentimage.jpg)… and of course all this assumes you have the correct holes punched in your firewall.

I hope that helps, happy to keep talking.

– David

12. Larry tractenberg - 5 June 2010

Thanks for your reply. The camera streams, uses IE only with activeX.
Ip.webcam. Sorry not home. Now, so no more info.
Doubt it will work on your system.
Works quite well over Internet with mentioned IE and URL.
iPad is a no go because of safari.

13. Larry tractenberg - 5 June 2010

By the way, I do get e-mailed stills when triggered

David Wilson - 6 June 2010

What is the make/model of the camera?

– David

14. Kcsoon - 13 July 2010

I am Malaysian . Do u have any URL adderess at Malaysia

David Wilson - 13 July 2010

Sorry, I don’t have any Malaysian URL loaded. I’ll happily add them to the main data feed though. Do you know of some web sites that have cameras shown? Or better yet a list of URL’s that I can load?

– David

David Wilson - 13 July 2010

I found this web site…


And managed to figure out this: http://www.jpbdbkl.gov.my/LiveCam/DVR1/cam0.jpg http://www.jpbdbkl.gov.my/LiveCam/DVR2/cam0.jpg http://www.jpbdbkl.gov.my/LiveCam/DVR3/cam0.jpg http://www.jpbdbkl.gov.my/LiveCam/DVR4/cam0.jpg http://www.jpbdbkl.gov.my/LiveCam/DVR5/cam0.jpg

To load into the main data file I need a URL and description for the camera. It’s not easily retrieved from the HTML source as these seem to be stored in a database? that is acces by javaScript? So the long way to get them is to look at each camera, and view the source to seek out the camera URL.

or… look via another web site? Always a possibility.

– David

David Wilson - 13 July 2010
15. Tom - 24 July 2010

What about haveing some for Michigan and the Detroit area?

David Wilson - 25 July 2010

Hi there Tom…

More than happy to load cameras for the areas specified. Have you got a web site that is currently showing images that I can link to for images?

16. Miguel - 10 October 2010

I am Portuguese . Do you have any URL adderess at Lisbon?

David Wilson - 13 October 2010

Hello there…

My apologies for not replying sooner…

I don’t recall any URL addresses for web/traffic cameras in Lisbon. However I’ll see if our friends at Google can help find some.

If you manage to find some care of any web sites that you know of, I can look and see if they can be incorporated into the main feed for the application.

– David

David Wilson - 1 November 2010

Hi there…

I’ve been looking for Traffic Cameras in Lisbon… Not speaking the language is somewhat of a challenge. I have managed to find this web site.


It’s likely to make more sense to a local than to me. What I need to find is the web URL’s that reference fixed images i.e. like the following:

The cameras on http://www.estradas.pt/ all look like they are a live stream which is no good to me.

– David

David Wilson - 2 November 2010

This seems to be the best I can find.

It unfortunately is not capture friendly for anything other than a web browser.

I have captured some other URL’s in my quest to find some Traffic Camera images. I will release these to the main data file for a update after some more scratching around and testing.

– David

17. Dee - 27 October 2010

Cams for oahu hawaii

David Wilson - 2 November 2010

I’ve found some cameras for Hawaii.

C/- the following web site.


I will add what I can to the data feed and distribute after I’ve tested it.

– David

18. harry - 7 November 2010

im looking for the traffic cameras on southern state parkway on long island new york thanks

19. Larry - 2 January 2011

Hello David, This is a great app however Do you have any links to more highway cams in New England? The one on rt 9 Mass is a good one but it would be nice if I Can get more so when I have to travel I can see what the traffic is like. Also a little instruction on how to use it more effectively .


David Wilson - 3 January 2011

Hi Larry…

Thank you for the comments. Good idea about instructions for more effective usage. I’ll try to get something out this week.

Adding new cameras TrafficCamNZ accesses images on the internet via a web address or URL (e.g. http://somesite.xyz/image.jpg). These images are provided by the individuals/companies/government organisations that set up the cameras. Adding new cameras into TrafficCamNZ is easily accomplished once you know what the specific camera URL is – finding this is the hard part. Some web sites make this easy, others make it really hard.

The simplest method is to find an image on a web site http://www.htsgroup.net.nz/transit/ right click on an image and select “copy image address” or “open image in new tab” (this example performed with Safari). In the new tab you can see the image address. This is the address you use in TrafficCamNZ.

With the URL you need to add a Description – this is so that we can find the camera when we want to edit it, turn on Feature on Main Screen – this will display the image on the front screen after the application starts up. Note that yup to a maximum of 19 images will be displayed (as you scroll the images left to right). Set the display Order/Sequence by putting in a number, starting at 1 – you choose the number, the images are sorted in that sequence. if you don’t put a number in the application will start randomly numbering the images as they are displayed from 100. If you know the GPS coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) for the camera even better as this will allow the camera to be placed on a map view – if the camera is where you are located now, you can tap the button to capture your current location. Tap the save button at the top of the screen.

After the save, the added camera will appear in the list of cameras. The green dot to the left means that this image has been requested to feature on the main screen.

Tap on the camera, it’s details are shown on the screen. Scrolling down will reveal the image retrieved from this URL. Any cameras you add or edit in this way can be e-mailed to me by clicking the button E-Mail Author. That way I can incorporate your updates in the next update to the main camera file for everyone.

Now when you tap the featured tab at the bottom of the screen and press the refresh button, your screen should look something like this. And note that our image is displayed first because I set the sequence number to 1.

Next time I will write up something about the preferences. There are a lot of options built onto the preferences and you can use them while traveling (if the cameras in your travel area have GPS coordinates).

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

David Wilson - 5 January 2011

3 x usage tips posted so far:

https://dgwilson.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/trafficcamnz-usage-tip-1/ https://dgwilson.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/trafficcamnz-usage-tip-2/ https://dgwilson.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/trafficcamnz-usage-tip-3/

I trust these contain sufficient and good enough detail. I welcome any feedback on these. I’m thinking that they should find their way into the application as the real help rather than a copy of what’s up on iTunes.

– David

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