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USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.1 – Release 11 January 2012

Posted by David Wilson in Mac, USB Missile.
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A quick update to the Missile Launcher software. Version 1.8.1 addresses an issue with the System Extension where it did not function correctly for 32 bit systems. The download link in the previous post has been updated.

Download USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.1

– David



1. norman - 13 January 2012

i doesn’t seem to work with the wireless version of the usb rocket launcher. is this a known issue and do you have any fixes for that?

David Wilson - 13 January 2012

Thanks for the report. I have discovered an issue with the KEXT driver under some 10.6.8 32bit systems. Currently I am trying to determine what is wrong so that I can address this. My apologies for this.

WORKAROUND: you can download and install an older release – intact all you need to replace is the system extension.

– David

David Wilson - 13 January 2012

I believe I now have a fix for the Kernel Extension problem that 2 x users have reported.

Until I issue another release – please contact me directly and I can send you a special build for installation.

– David

norman - 13 January 2012

Acutally the current release DID work, when using Vendor ID 2689, and Product ID 65281. Had a typo in it.. sry for that

2. camsim - 16 January 2012

I downloaded and installed your latest update for mac.
I also putted the Vendor 1046 and Product 37777 into my preferences (actually I have the Satzuma and connection worked).

My problem is that the hardware is not moving. When I want to shoot I only get the sounds and no launch. I can’t move it either eventhough the arrows seem to work. I can hear a really tiny sound in the hardware just like if it was moving of one step but when I maintain an arrow, software crushes.

Could you please help me on that?

Thank you

David Wilson - 16 January 2012

Hi there

It’s not you. It’s the program code. Implementation for the Satzuma is incomplete. The USB Command protocol of this launcher has not been reverse engineered sufficiently to be able to fully implement. What you have now (for Satzuma) is a partial implementation.

Good news A person in the next city and across some water to me has one he should be sending me his this week. Hopefully I will be able to complete the implementation.

– David

camsim - 17 January 2012


Can’t wait!


3. Ryan Schwarz - 19 January 2012

Just installed your software, I have the striker II. The software opens, then the video window tries to open, then the whole software crashes before I can change any preferences. I’m running 10.7.2 and have a MacBook Pro.

Have you seen this happen before?

David Wilson - 19 January 2012

Hi there. Thanks for contacting me.

Implementation of Striker II is incomplete. It is one of the launchers that I’ve never been able to get hold of and found out that trying to program with someone else having the launcher remotely truly doesn’t work. The good news is that someone else here in New Zealand has one (I think) and is sending his to me (I’ll be returning it).

So hopefully soon.

– David

Ryan Schwarz - 19 January 2012

Thanks for the reply, David! Actually, even if we take the type of launcher out of the equation – the software crashes upon opening. As soon as the video dialog window tries to auto-open, it bombs. Any thoughts?

David Wilson - 19 January 2012

Is that Lion?

In the DC Missile Launcher NZ v2.0 – the video code was ripped out and replaced. Much less code and the output view looks better too. Only problem is it’s Lion only.

If you can get to the preferences screen and disable camera on startup that could be a win. There will also be a terminal command to disable it ( will update the preferences file for the missile launcher software) I’d have to work out what that is.

– David

4. Ryan Schwarz - 19 January 2012

Yeah, I am running lion. Where do I find the software you are talking about? I’ve tried to get the video dialog off before it crashes, but the software freezes on launch and won’t let me click into the file menu.

David Wilson - 19 January 2012

DC Missile Launcher NZ (version 1 and version 2) are for the Dream Cheeky launchers. The software is available for download form the Dreamcheeky.com web site.

> I’ve tried to get the video dialog off before it crashes, but the software freezes on launch and won’t let me click into the file menu.

The following command can be entered in the terminal to disable the camera function. i.e. it will not be one by default at application launch.

defaults write com.david.USBMissileLauncherNZ cameraDisabled -boolean YES

– David

5. Ryan Schwarz - 19 January 2012

So I get this message with that software: Launcher detected is not a proper HID device. This launcher “original grey” is not a proper usb Human Interface Device. It does not present itself correctly…etc etc. To use this launcher you need an older version of the DC missile launcher NZ software – Version 1.x

I can’t find v 1.x anywhere…everything has been updated to 2.0. Do you have a download link or can you email me one?

David Wilson - 19 January 2012

The DC missile launcher software is only for Dream Cheeky launchers.

– David

6. Chris - 31 May 2012

Really appreciate your work! Any news about the Satzuma device? (Vendor 1046 and Product 37777) I have the same issue than camsim.

– Chris

David Wilson - 31 May 2012

Still no luck with the Satzuma launcher. Remote diagnosis has not worked. Unless I get my hands on one of these launchers it will not be solved.

– David

7. Jono - 11 December 2012

Hello Dave,

Any luck with the Satzuma MacOS support. I have a device and I am willing to do a little snooping. What is it you need to get this working? Are there USB snooping programs you know for mac?


David Wilson - 11 December 2012

Hello Jono.

I’ve never had any luck in getting the control code sequences for the Satzuma. if I can physically get my hands on one, then it can be figured out…. it has been a long time since I’ve done this so education via remove control would be somewhat of a challenge.

You can do this on a Mac (without a physical PC) but you would need Parallels/VMWare and a Windows XP or similar. Onto Windows you install the launcher software as you normally would – plug in the launcher and test Then you need the USBSnoop sourceforge project – download and install. – use this to trace what happens with the launcher (err… bit of a pain to get going… once you get it and see the output you understand). – the trick is to do only one or two distinct commands with the launcher – UP or DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT – this produces a hex dump and you need to figure out what’s changing and therefore what the hex codes are…. – some launchers send a command followed by a STOP command, others can move and have to be repeatedly told to keep moving.

Once you have some idea as to what’s going on… it’s back to the Mac. If you’re really keen and have xcode installed, I can send you the latest version of the source code (it might be the one that’s online – I don’t remember). There’s one file… err missilecontrol.c (I’d have to check that name…) and in there you will find the control logic for the different launchers. Satzuma will already be set up. The Satzuma logic will need to be changed to match what it actually needs for controls.

– All this assumes they have not released a new version of the launcher and logic. – And the other assumption – that the kext installation doesn’t stuff up parallels/vmware in terms of control over the launcher.

If that message is fairly well understood… and you’re still keen to engage….. there could be a hero badge in your future! 🙂

OK, I’m off to sit in a movie theatre at midnight on the 12th of December….. bring out the Hobbits! Begin the countdown from 100 minutes.

– David

8. Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 20 December 2012

Hey, is Jono doing something with this?

I’ve bought Satzuma Usb missile launcher (gray) and i thought it’s the one with no support on your application? At first i was not sure, i was thinking i had the “original one” but on my box there’s “satzuma”.. soo i assume i’m.. fucked.. 🙂

I got some errors. When i connect it, it says me to refer to console log because it is disconnected… but if i wait a bit, i have my “missile launcher” locked. Then i unlock it, but it’s lagging… and i can’t have the missile launcher moving.. i only get the sound 🙂

Is there any way i can use the “USBSnoop sourceforge project” and try to do something into your application? It would really be nice to have something working… it’s for a gift.. and i’m late.. haha 🙂

Thanks to you!

David Wilson - 20 December 2012

Hello Pierre-Luc

There isn’t a quick ending to this – might be a happy one – requires hard work.

The current version of the software has partial support for the Satzuma – with absolutely no guarantee that it will work. The issue is that I have never been able to get my hands on one of these launchers and reverse engineer the missile command sequence. Previous attempts for remote diagnostics have been unsuccessful.

What’s needed?

1. A PC or VMWare or Parallels running a windows OS 2. Debugging with USBSnoop c/- sourceforge to determine the launcher commands (HEX decoding – guesswork and some luck) 3. Applying the luck theory to the Mac side – one source file to change – largely done (subject to 2 above and what is discovered). To do this you need the application source code (I can supply) and the latest version of XCode. 4. There is a possibility that the KEXT file will also need changing… and maybe/hopefully not.

The key here is that you can decide that the command 0x04 should be sent to the launcher to make it turn left (for example)…. you can modify the code and test that straight away…. rince and repeat…

Where it can get a bit more involved is if the turn left command requires a STOP commend to be sent afterwards…. And then the fire command can have it’s own challenges….

– David

Jono - 21 December 2012

Hey guys,

I got this working on a Linux box.


Haven’t tried on a mac yet but it is open source so it might inform you on updating your software.


David Wilson - 21 December 2012

Good man.

Code updated. Now battling 10.8 compile issues and deprecated code. I’ll be very keen to know if this works to control the Satzuma launcher.

Any volunteers for testing – please e-mail me or reply here.

– David

9. Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 21 December 2012


i just downloaded last release 1.8.1 (you updated it with Jono’s code?).

Looks like Jono have a c-enter launcher missile? Soo in my preferences, i just choose c-enter in replacement of Satzuma, it’s same id’s.

At least, i got something working. Left and Right keys AND fire key! 😀 Up and down seems not to work, i did not tests buttons on the left.

After this awesome result, i did another try. I changed the setting for satzuma missile launcher. Then, i restarted the application but i got nothing working. Always lagging, only “beep” from the missile launcher.

Soo, we are very close to something fully functional right?

Great news!

David Wilson - 21 December 2012


You will need a version higher than 1.8.1 – I’m still working on that at the moment. Very close = yes.

I’m hoping for something to come out tomorrow – I’ve got something else broken at the moment and have had other issues to fix with the preferences etc tonight. Progress is good.

I’ll notify again tomorrow.

– David

David Wilson - 21 December 2012

The following download is available for testing.


You will need to configure the vendorID and ProductID and the Launcher type in the preferences window.

For anyone else testing this release – it is for testing – I have no idea what may break at this point. It _should_ be OK. I’m unsure what the minimum OS support level is. It may run on 10.5 – but then again…. it may not even open. It is unlikely I will get much of a change to test in the next week.

– David

David Wilson - 31 December 2012

For those that have tested the release above… it has been updated.


This is build 163. It fixes an issue where the RocketBaby launchers would hang.

– David

Jono - 31 December 2012

Hello Dave, thanks for your hard work. I’ve been home for Christmas so I haven’t been able to test anything but I will be sure to in the new year!

Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 4 January 2013

Hey David,

Nice job, thanks for the last release!

i tested it, it’s working better, a bit! I’ve set Satzuma (or c-enter, it’s the same thing) in my launcher control with the good’s ID.

I can go left and right with it. I can also fire.

One time, i’ve been able to move it down and up, but it’s block now and i don’t know why 😉 Maybe i’ll try to get the hex numbers for you, it could help!

Thanks again

David Wilson - 5 January 2013

All right…

I”ve re-inspected this and found an issue with the control code. I was missing an 0x300 at the end of the command. So It’s kind of a wonder that it worked at all.

The launcher type should be set to Satzuma (not c-enter). These two different launcher types execute completely different code.

A new release has been packaged and is available for download at this location. https://sites.google.com/site/dgwilson65/USBMissileLauncherNZV1.8.2.dmg?attredirects=0&d=1

Please let me know how you get on.

– David

Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 8 January 2013

Hi David,

Unfortunately, it does not fix the up/down problem.

I’ve tried restarting my old windows computer but it seems my motherboard is broken. I’ll get one at the job to help you with the HEX numbers you need for the up/down actions.

By the way, i’ve also tried to put the original windows app into Wineskin, i had great hope in this but, it don’t seems to recognize when i plug the USB Missile Launcher into my computer. The app run, but don’t do nothing. At least, i can say your app look’s better than the original 😉

Have a nice day,

David Wilson - 8 January 2013

OK, I’m getting lost in my own comment threads.

Download a new release of the USB Missile Launcher software from this location. This is a test release not intended for general distribution.


Test launcher again with launcher type set to OIC Storm. And to be sure – this is to test the Satzuma launcher.

– David

Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 9 January 2013


Tried this this morning, i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, or maybe it’s because it’s a test release, but after the reboot of my computer i have the folder USB Missile Launcher in my “applications” but i don’t have a .app into it.

Is it a compilation problem, it’s working on your side?

David Wilson - 9 January 2013


Can you delete the folder and try the re-install again.

Can you also do a search and see if it’s been installed somewhere else? – no reason that it would have been.

– David

Pierre-Luc Ayotte - 9 January 2013


I’ve tried on another mac computer i have. It’s working soo i thought i’ll clean data on my other computer and try it again 😉

I’ve tested Product and Vendor ID of Satzuma with OICStorm selected. It connects but nothing happen when i try to move it.

I’ve also tried it with Satzuma, same result as before. The up and down keys did not complete their tasks. I only heard a little noise, like if it is trying to do something but cannot do anything.

At last, i’ve tried with Vendor and Product ID of OICStorm, like i supposed it, it does not connect.

Thanks for your help, i hope we will achieve something 🙂

10. Jono - 3 January 2013

Hey Dave,

I have also got my hands on a dream cheeky thunder launcher (the one one the left, http://www.thesource.ca/sitelets/gadgetree/downloads/) I am trying to get it working using the same software that I got my satzuma working. So I added it as launcher two (vendor ID: 2123, Product ID: 1010, Launcher controls: DreamRocket) but it does not appear to work.

Am I doing something wrong?


Jono - 4 January 2013

Ah, I used product ID 8483 and vendor ID 4112 and it connects but the software beachballs whenever I try to hit a button. If I unplug the launcher it will recover. Strange….

David Wilson - 4 January 2013

Try OICStorm as the launcher type.

– David

11. Tobi - 19 May 2015

Hey David

USBMissileLauncherNZV1.8.2.dmg worked fine with Satzuma on my Mac, latest Yosemite. Any official release planned? ’cause it took me a while to find this Thread… thx.

David Wilson - 20 May 2015

Oh WOW, Very interesting that v1.8.2 works with the Satzuma. I did not know that. Thank you. No further releases/updates are planned at this stage.

– David


Tobi - 20 May 2015

To bad no more dev is planed – Btw. is it source open? Where can one access it?

David Wilson - 21 May 2015

I had released the source previously.

I’ll have a look at putting up the project on GitHub. I’ve always wanted someone else to “add value” to the project.

– David


Tobi - 21 May 2015

great to hear, let me know when it’s up on github…

David Wilson - 24 May 2015


It’s uploaded. I’ll probably mess around a bit more with some of the GitHub aspects of things (GitHub formatted readme).

I’m keen to find out how you get on.

– David


12. Satzuma Missile Launcher finally works with USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.2 on Mac | uRaNGaTaNG - 23 May 2015
13. Yaniv - 1 June 2015

where can i download the 1.8.2 dmg file for the Satzuma?

David Wilson - 1 June 2015
David Wilson - 1 June 2015
14. Naman Khator - 10 March 2016

My UML 100 rotates well but doesn’t fire,
There seems to be some lock on the missiles and the spring wont work coz of that,
please help.

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