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It’s ALIVE 4 May 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.

It’s been some time since this was last working on recent operating systems.
The good news is that it’s alive and again controlling launchers on MacOS Sierra.
First real test has been successful.

There’s a little way to go before I can think about a release…

– David



1. jlsjonas - 4 June 2017

so… any ETA?

David Wilson - 4 June 2017

Here’s a beta release for testing.


Important: Support for the original grey launcher and the original dream cheeky launcher is dropped. The good news is that the kext that used to be required to drive the launchers is no longer required. Details are in the About Dialog.

– David


Torgrim Andersen - 4 June 2017

Can’t get the link to work….
So there is no hope to get my green Dream Cheeky to work on my Mac?

David Wilson - 4 June 2017

OK, lets try that link again. http://camera.dgw.kiwi/USBMissileLauncherNZ/USB_Missile_Launcher_NZ.zip

There were 3 x DreamCheeky Green/Black Missile Launchers. Versions 2 and 3 were proper HID (Human Interface) Devices. So they will work with this version of the software.

Version 1 … well… that’s not a HID device. To get that to work I need to install a KEXT in /Library/Extensions … and it needs to be digitally signed. I have requested a signing ability from Apple and am awaiting a response.

DreamCheeky (Green and Black)
USB Vendor ID 0x1941 6465
USB Product ID 0x8021 32801

Easiest way to find out what you have is to plug it in. Lets hope it’s a V2 or V3.

– David


Torgrim Andersen - 4 June 2017

Perfect! Now it works, Thanks a lot!

David Wilson - 6 June 2017

I have a new version available.


Internal fixes mostly.

1.9.0b2 – Fixes for temporary file random internal name in AVRecorder – Resolves compiler warnings with Reachability – kext is no longer included in the application bundle, not required. – Compiled with Xcode 9 Beta.

1.9.0b1 – This release no longer requires a kext installed in /Library/Extensions – The launchers are now controlled as USB HID devices – in order to achieve this outcome support for the original grey launcher has been dropped along with support for the original dream cheeky (green/black) launcher. Note there are different internal models of the dream cheeky green/black launcher – so the one you have may not be one of the originals. – The launcher preferences panel has been removed

– David


2. Mattia - 12 September 2017

Hi David,
is there any possibility to get such a software for Win7, too?
Or, instead, does anybody have the old software from Dreamcheeky?

I bought on ebay the USB desktop Missile launcher (the grey one), as a gift for a friend of mine who literally fell in love with this thing, but now i can’t give it to him because i don’t have any managing software (dreamcheeky domain exist no more)…can anybody help me please?

3. Ken ASPESLAGH - 11 October 2017

Thanks for continuing to make this software! I just got a green/black RocketBaby (HID) launcher from eBay. I thought you might interested to hear: It wasn’t firing; firing made no sound at all. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I took the darn thing apart down to the firing motor (cool to see how the firing mechanism works.) Confirmed voltage across the motor, but no movement. Opened the gearbox and gave the motor shaft a tiny nudge and it started spinning! Put the thing back together and now it works great.

David Wilson - 11 October 2017

That’s a great update. Thank you. I guess with age the launchers are developing some “stiction”. Great news that the launcher is working again.

– David


4. Dwain - 6 March 2018

I have a Dream Cheeky (Syntek) Missile launcher version .01 product #0x1010 vender 0x2123 and I cannot get it to work. What is wrong>

David Wilson - 6 March 2018

Hi Dwain…

Not working at all?
Not working on Mac or PC? And which version of the OS?
Not working with DreamCheeky software?

So many variables to isolate and explore.

If you are on a Mac and running macOS 10.11, or 10.12 (I may be slightly out on the versions) … the KEXT (Kernel extension) that I require before I can drive the launchers with the Missile Launcher software will not load for Operating System security reasons. To get around this I do have a later version of the software that doesn’t need the KEXT – the challenge is I never quite finished it and never released it…

– David

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