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TrafficCamNZ – Updated Datafile available 20 April 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.

I have performed a clean up on the camera file that holds all of the cameras you can use in TrafficCamNZ of the Desktop and iOS.
I’ve removed over 1000 cameras that were no longer working… and have been able to add in others from around the world, along with some updates.

I do not have the ability to delete dead camera from your running instance of TrafficCamNZ – this means that only you can remove the dead cameras. If you are using the built in set then you can go to the preferences screen and choose XML Load Only. This will delete all of the existing cameras and load the new camera set from the file on the web. You will have to reset up your favourite cameras.

If you are happy with the set of cameras you have, then an XML Merge will just merge in the new camera data with the old, applying any updates as required.

Thank you for being a TrafficCamNZ user. Some extra good news – There are updated versions of TrafficCamNZ Desktop for MacOS and TrafficCamNZ for iOS on their way. They will be released via their respective AppStores in the next couple of days.

– David



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