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Moments – PhotoBooth software 22 March 2017

Posted by David Wilson in General.

Capture the moment. You can be that moment. The moment will last for ever. Let family, friends, and guests take pictures in the digital photobooth, or studio. Pictures can be played back nearly live locally or remotely.

Hopefully coming soon to the Mac AppStore!

● Mac (well duh)
● Canon Digital SLR connected by USB to the Mac – may work with other brands (not tested)
● Remote picture trigger requires alternative input (USB button input) and use of 3rd party software such as USB Overdrive
● Optional: AppleTV on the same LAN as the Mac for Airplay and use of 2nd remote monitor, with switch or wireless router
● Optional: Dual monitors on the Mac – you can dedicate the 2nd one to picture display
● Optional: USB (iSight compatable) camera so guests can see themselves before taking pictures
● Optional: PreRoll Countdown, Flash, and PostRoll movies – if you wish to change the existing ones
● Optional: Fancy secure box to hold the Mac, Camera, and other accessories to bring this all together in a turn-key solution

OK, so what is really going on here?

Once upon a time there were things called PhotoBooth’s in various public locations. You could go into the photobooth, close the curtain, pay your money and the booth would take a series of pictures. Then you’d wait for those pictures to be processed and collect your little strip of 4 or so pictures.
Lets roll this idea forward a few decades… and step up what is possible.
This photo studio is based on the photobooth using the latest of technology to deliver “realtime” photos to the guests. At a wedding you can capture moments that your guests create and have them displayed on a big screen TV, over Airplay, behind the happy couple. The moments are more than just for the event, they can become a precious reminder of that happy occasion when reviewed later.

Keep an eye out here for a release announcement!

Here’s a little movie I made:

– David



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