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Resizor for Mac – development update 13 January 2016

Posted by David Wilson in General.

There is some important stuff I should be doing and I’ve put that aside for a few hours while I have updated Resizor for Mac.

Resize for Mac is a developer Image resizing tool – you drag and drop your image, perhaps an icon or application launch image, into the picture area – then you get to save the icons or images to a folder. Resize will produce all of the files you have requested in their 1x, 2x, and 3x sizes. The application can be used by anyone who wants images resized as the application will remember the sizes you have requested between launches.

The new features added are for:
• 3x support
• Reveal in Finder – click on the folder in the bottom left of the screen to be taken to the folder location

Behind the scenes I’ve probably exhausted a lot of energy on the NSOpenPanel and related container security. The adventure all started with changing the OK button to Build – that was a single API call. Then I wanted the Build button to be setup with a “keyEquivalent” – meaning that if the directory selected was correct – all the user would need to do is press return. Doing this would be cool [panel.okButton setKeyEquivalent:@”r”];. So that’s not possible – there is no available API for it and I was unable to work my way programmatically through the view hierarchy to find the NSButton. I decided to try my hand at the NSSavePanel – this was cool as it automatically set up the keyEquivalent. Then things came to a halt with the Application Sandbox security as PowerBox didn’t give me permission to save files into the directory. I’ve left a question on the Apple Developer Forums about setting the keyEquivalent and will see what comes of it.

Now I need to get back to my todo list… it is important.

– David



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