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TrafficCamNZ for iOS v1.9.3 30 September 2014

Posted by David Wilson in General.

It’s submitted and in the approval pipeline.

Version 1.9.3 as the following changes/fixes/additions:

● iOS 8 support
● Fixed some constraint/layout issues on the Camera Chooser screen ● Fixed some layout issues on the preferences screen for iPad ● Fixed a zooming issue when displaying images full screen
● Fixed a problem when showing preference screen – previously required a double tap on the preference button for first use
● Fixed a bug where the landscape view would not scroll properly until the device was rotated ● Fixed a bug loading the help
● Fixed a bug scrolling on the main view were the first and last images would bounce left and right when scrolled

● iCloud : if you are using iCloud to syncronise your camera data then the first run on iOS 8 may start up with the initialisation screen. Please wait a few minutes (suggest 2 to 5) to allow the iCloud TrafficCamNZ database to download and syncronise. The Refresh button will turn Red indicating that a refresh can be performed. This may happen a number of times as data is incrementally loaded – you will not have to press Refresh everytime.

● iCloud : If you upgrade iCloud you may be unable to syncronise TrafficCamNZ databases between iOS 8 and earlier versions of Mac OS i.e. Mavericks. For syncronisation to work properly your iDevice should be on iOS 8 and your mac should be on Yosemite.

It’s pleasing to have finally fixed the orientation launch bug that meant scrolling on the iPad was somewhat confused until you rotated the device. And also when scrolling images left/right you will not longer get the strange bounce back.

– David



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