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Sony STR-DA3600ES and iPhone AV Receiver Remote 16 September 2013

Posted by David Wilson in General.

This is worth a small note.

I’ve got a Sony Receiver – model STR-DA3600ES. I’ve had it for a couple of years now – I got it for a number of reasons, the built in ethernet switch, 4 HDMI in ports and generally quite a bot of connectivity.


It ships with some Windows software that you can use to configure the AMP – nice – pity there is no Mac software or that Sony has not made available an SDK or spec so that someone could write one with reverse engineering the protocol.

For some time I’ve not been able to run the Windows software under any OS without it freezing or crashing under Windows XP… very poor.

It turns out that the reason for the crashes under Windows XP is that the AMP cannot be found an the reason that it cannot be found is that a setting on the AMP needs to be changed – only that setting is not on the onscreen menus. PERMIT-PC. This explains the setting to change. http://community.sony.co.uk/t5/Home-Cinema-Projectors-Players/STR-DA3600ES-Firmware-update/td-p/288992

Liftoff! – Under Windows XP at least. Looks like Permit-PC has to be ON.




So that brings me to the iPhone application. AV Receiver Remote. This application is only available from the US iTunes store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/av-receiver-remote/id371425035?mt=8

PastedGraphic-1 2

Reported to work with:
– STR-DA5600ES
– STR-DA4600ES
– STR-DA3600ES
– STR-DN2010

Just not mine. I was running firmware 1.026 on the AMP, and have since upgraded to firmware 1.030. My firmware has come from the UK Sony support site. I am unable to install the US firmware version – denied.
I can confirm that another Sony iPhone application Audio Remote can see the AMP – thus ruling out anything to do with network connectivity issues such as AMP or iPhone ip addressing.

I have reported the connectivity issue to Sony New Zealand and await further feedback.

My conclusion is that the iPhone application AV Receiver Remote is expecting to see the US version of the AMP and is possibly dependant on something in the US version of the firmware.
I have performed a complete factory reset on the AMP – yea – not good without having saved the configuration to the PC (actually it wasn’t connecting at that stage because of the PERMIT-PC setting).

if you are reading this message because you have a similar issue, you may also be interested in reading some other links that I came across in my web travels.


In the mean time … I’ll wait… or get out a packet sniffer…

– David



1. Thomas - 24 September 2013

I’m from Poland. I have the same problem. European Version of this receiver/amplifier don’t work with AV Receiver Remote for iPhone. If You would like we can exchange information about control.

David Wilson - 24 September 2013

At this stage… I don’t have any protocol information. I suspect the only way to get it will be to “sniff”. Wireshark or something?

Then again… I have not gone on a hunt around the Sony web sites…

– David

2. Thomas - 24 September 2013

The sniff it’s not only way but it’s very helpfull πŸ™‚ For more information please contact me via email or facebook.
I look forward to cooperation with you.

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