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TrafficCamNZ Desktop News 30 December 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, Mac.
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I was contacted by ‘Chris’ a couple of days ago advising that TrafficCamNZ Desktop for Mac was crashing on startup for him. Suspecting a data corruption issue I got Chris to send me the data files for the application so that I could diagnose the fault and develop a fix. I found the fault in the application and fixed it, though it has not yet been submitted to Apple for approval and distribution. So the next release of TrafficCamNZ Desktop for Mac will have the following fixes incorporated into version 1.1.3 when released:

  • Fixes a crash on the camera edit screen when the user tries to save or cancel or delete and the image has not finished retrieving
  • Fixed an issue where the main window contents could dissapear when a cmd-w was sent
  • A menu is dynamically added when the Bulk Camera Functions screen is displayed. This menu is for loading the Tennessee XML camera file and is intended for use when maintaining the camera data file. The menu is removed when the window is closed.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate camera entries could cause a crash while trying to display their images on the main screen

I cannot advise at this time when I will be able to make the submission to Apple of the new version.

I advised ‘Chris’ that he could start again with TarfficCamNZ by removing the following directory as a temporary work around:

/Users/<your user code>/Library/containers/nz.co.catch22.TrafficCamNZ

this is the same directory that I asked ‘Chris” to zip up and send to me for fault diagnosis.

– David



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