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TrafficCamNZ Datafile Update 21 November 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

In the next hour I will be releasing a data file update for TrafficCamNZ. This datafile feeds into the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Mac Desktop versions of TrafficCamNZ. This datafile contains some important updates for cameras around the world and especially in the USA.

As I developed the application the information about each camera is set to be keyed uniquely on the web address details for each camera, i.e. http://myorganisation.com/camera1.jpg – this creates an issue for me when the web address for that camera changes. What happens is that you end up with two entries in TrafficCamNZ. One for the old camera, and one for the new camera. And I never developed a process that deletes the old cameras.

To clean up the camera list you have three choices (if your want to):
1. delete the application form the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – when you resync with you computer the application will reinstall and then go through it’s first launch process. From here you will be prompted to download the new data file. You will have to reset your favorite cameras.
2. from the preferences screen on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – select XML Load – this will delete all existing cameras and load the new set from the web. From here you will be prompted to download the new data file. You will have to reset your favorite cameras.
3. Manually delete the duplicate cameras. This could be a bit of a pain, but it will work. If you “over delete” then another XML Merge will add the cameras you over deleted.

For Mac desktop users you can use the bulk input screen to delete all existing cameras, then reload – use the preferences screen to do this.

Sorry for any confusion I might have created. This was an early development choice and learning experience.

– David



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2. Jason - 22 November 2011

Every time I try to add cameras from the library to view, my application crashes on Mac. Just installed.

David Wilson - 22 November 2011

Hi Jason

I’m very sorry that the application is crashing and would like to get the issue identified quickly so that it can be fixed. It is clearly not the “user experience” that I want people to have.

Can you describe for me your actions that lead up to the crash and confirm that it is reproduceable. Are you able to identify the crash log file and send it to me?

If you go to Spotlight (top right of the screen) and type Console then press enter.

~/Library/Logs then look for CrashReporter

If you can find the application crash log, then right click to see it in finder and e-mail me that file. I can use this to diagnose what is going on along with your description.

I am aware of a crash scenario that you might be having If you are editing a camera to feature it and don’t give the image time to retrieve before you exit (save) that screen, when the image is ready this can cause a crash.

Hope to hear from you soon. Again, sorry for the inconvenience – not what I wanted.

– David

David Wilson - 22 November 2011

Hi Jason

Assuming my guesswork is correct in relation to the error you have experienced, then I believe I have fixed the crash. I need to perform some more testing before I go through the process of application submission to Apple. There is a chance that approval will be held up due to Thanks Giving in the US. In the mean time you can select which to cameras to “feature” or “show” from the List screen (cmd-2) or alternatively wait for the image to be displayed when you edit each camera. [assuming of course this is the error you are experiencing].

Again, my apologies for the bad experience.

– David

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