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TrafficCamNZ – Updates 30 October 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, Mac.
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Both the iPhone/iPad and desktop versions of TrafficCamNZ have received some updates.

TrafficCamNZ (iPhone/iPad) – version 1.6.10 brings the following updates and new features
* Images are displayed on an extenal screen if one is connected – With an iPhone 4S, or iPad 2 when using video mirroring via AirPlay – images are displayed full screen on secondary screen (i.e. via AppleTV on your TV)
* Bringing up the map screen will now make use of your location – much more useful – previously the initial position would be Apple
* Updates the default camera list – previously blank cameras would be loaded
* Addresses an issue where blank cameras were loaded from the default camera list – these blank cameras are automatically deleted

About the AirPlay support – it’s really neat! I’ve wanted to do this for some time and it’s turned out really well. So If you have a device that supports Video Mirroring (iPhone 4S or iPad 2) you can access this feature. When the application runs it detects the “mirrored screen” or external display. The featured or shown images are displayed on this screen as well as on the device (iPhone or iPad) itself. The one downside is that you can’t use video mirroring to display the application itself.

A mentioned above I also found an issue with the supplied default data file. Some of the cameras didn’t load and this resulted in lots of duplicate blank cameras – it would look a bit wonky to first time users when scrolling through the Library of cameras. I’ve fixed this issue and also at application launch the Library of cameras is scanned for blank cameras and these are automatically deleted.

TrafficCamNZ Desktop – version 1.1.2 beings the following updates
* Fixed a crash when deleting multiple entries from the camera list screen
* Text overlaid on images is resized to fit if it is too big
* Fixed a crash if no images available for display

The updates have been submitted to Apple for approval prior to release.

Remember if you have camera updates for your area, or a whole lot more cameras that you have loaded get them to me so that I can update the main data file for everyone.

– David



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