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TrafficCamNZ developments 23 October 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

I’ve been working on TrafficCamNZ to use an external monitor. It’s working for the iPhone and iPad.
As a spinoff it may may be that if on an iPad2 and iPhone 4S you turn on video mirroring the “mirror” monitor may be seen as a second monitor and thus used as such. I need to test this further.

Anyway what happens is that with the main screen displayed, the images of featured cameras are displayed on the iDevice as usual, that has not changed, and also displayed full screen on the external monitor.

During the testing process I also discovered a problem with the included default camera file – turns out the XML markup for the New Zealand camera is wrong and thus you get a bunch of “blank” cameras loaded – sorry about that. You should manually delete these if you have them. You do end up with a full camera list anyway when the main camera data file is downloaded from the web.

I have also altered the text displayed over the images so that it fits on the screen… doesn’t overflow… or is larger so that it can be read!

Some more testing and I’ll submit to Apple for approval and distribution via the AppStore.

– David



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