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USB Missile Launcher – DreamCheeky – MacBreak Weekly 15 October 2011

Posted by David Wilson in Mac, usb, USB Missile.

Alex Lindsay’s pick of the week – The DreamCheeky Thunder missile launcher!


Start your playing from the 1 hour, 2 minutes, 40 second mark! (1:02:40)

So the screen on Alex’s machine is never shown, but I suspect that he’s using the Mac software DC Missile Launcher NZ – especially with his description of being able to use the arrow keys and there was a mention of auto lock.

Version 1 of DC Missile Launcher NZ is available for download c/- http://www.dreamcheeky.com/download-support

I have a update (version 2) that I must submit to DreamCheeky for improved video support in Lion – though it will likely be for Lion only.
The OIC Storm Missile Launcher (a different version to the one shown) includes a built in USB 2.0 camera – hence the video support.


The Missile Launcher software also includes iOS support? – huh?

Download Missile Control NZ from the AppStore and you can control your USB Missile Launcher (with the associated desktop software running as well).


– David


1. Manny - 12 June 2012

Hey David, I know this is a long shot but my buddy and I are trying to use face detection on the DC missile launcher from mac. We are using the OpenCV libraries and already have that working. Funny enough the hard part is sending commands to the missile launcher. Is there any way we could get the source and—– NM I just saw it on the sidebar! Dude you rock!

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