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TrafficCamNZ – News 15 October 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

TrafficCamNZ – data file update14 October 2011 I released a new camera data file for TrafficCamNZ. The update includes nearly 400 new and updated cameras for Tennessee in the USA. The cameras a named “[USA] TN – <camera description>”. Also included is a camera pointed at Mt Everest! I should have captured a better picture for this post… I’ve seen better.

When you run TrafficCamNZ it will check for a new data file if it’s been more than 7 days since it last checked. You can force the update via the preferences screen and selecting the XML Merge button.

And the Tennessee cameras also one with GPS locations… not all of the cameras are shown on the screen shot below, however if you zoom in more will be shown. Remember you can touch the camera pins for a thumb nail image of the camera and it’s description. Then clicking on the right hand disclosure triangle (not shown in the picture below) will bring up the current image from that camera.

The same data file update is used for the iPod/iPhone/iPad and Mac Desktop versions of TrafficCamNZ.

TrafficCamNZ – New Application update for iOS 5
And on 12 October 2011 a updated TrafficCamNZ was released for iPod/iPhone/iPad – this release contains enhancements for iOS 5 and a minor update on the main screen where an indicator of network connectivity has been added.

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– David



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