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DC Missile Launcher NZ 28 July 2011

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Time for a Storm!

In association with Dream Cheeky there is a new release of the Missile Launcher software. Called DC Missile Launcher NZ this release only supports Dream Cheeky missile launchers and does not require a reboot to complete the installation. A download link is available at the web site below.


This version runs on Mac OS 10.5 and above.
If you previously ran the USB Missile Launcher NZ software and now wish to run DC Missile Launcher NZ it will advise you on first launch to delete the KEXT file “/System/Library/Extensions/USB Missile Launcher All Drivers.kext”. You will then need to reboot your computer.

Good Luck. Target with care. Enjoy.

– David



1. Kevin Wood - 3 September 2011

Are you going to release the source for this version?

David Wilson - 3 September 2011

Sorry, no. Not this one.

Is there a particular enhancement/feature you’re looking for?

– David

2. Kevin Wood - 14 September 2011

The lack of the need to install drivers!

David Wilson - 14 September 2011

The launchers are now operated through the USB HID drivers. This allows me to connect to the missile launchers and share them with the operating system. It doesn’t work for all Missile Launchers or all USB devices for that matter. Even some that say they are HID devices but turns out are not.

I have another USB device here now that reports to be a HID device only when I plug it in via my USB hub I can see the light on the HUB blinking rapidly not a good sign then looking at the activity monitor on the computer I find that the kernel is consuming more CPU cycles than is normal on an idle machine.

Why tell you this? Well the old missile launcher software still works just as well. It just deploys a code less KEXT file which is a way to tell the operating system to not load up the device via the UDB HID. So that’s the why.

In the Dream Cheeky version of the software I have my own HID library to make things easier for me. The calls to operate the launcher are sort of the same see below.

reqBuffer_RB[0] = 0x02; reqBuffer_RB[1] = 0x20; // STOP – and this will be sent to ALL connected launchers of this type reqBuffer_RB[2] = 0x00; reqBuffer_RB[3] = 0x00; reqBuffer_RB[4] = 0x00; reqBuffer_RB[5] = 0x00; reqBuffer_RB[6] = 0x00; reqBuffer_RB[7] = 0x00; NSData * reportData = [NSData dataWithBytes:(char *)reqBuffer_RB length:reportLength]; [USBHIDObjectController USBHIDSetReport:0 forType:kIOHIDReportTypeOutput withData:reportData ofLength:reportLength forDevice:mDeviceRef];

Hope that helps.

– David

3. Max - 26 December 2011

Could you be so kind as to host this somewhere b/c the dream cheeky site is down.

David Wilson - 26 December 2011

10.6.8 or 10.7 (Lion) ????

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

4. Chuck - 26 December 2011

I’m trying to find the 10.6.8 version that will run a storm missile launcher. The Dream Cheeky website is down. Just opened this as a christmas gift and dying to get it running!

Installed the older USB Missile Launcher NZ 1.7 but it only shows video…can’t control the launcher at all.

There are different apps / drivers for the newer storm launcher, right? It doesn’t look like any of the images on the page / application for the older launchers.

It’s the one with the built-in webcam that works on MSN / Skype.

David Wilson - 26 December 2011

The Mac version does not have support for MSN / Skype.

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

Chuck - 26 December 2011

The mac version does not have support for that launcher or no support for the remote firing?

At the moment I’m not interested in the MSN / Skype functionality, just want to get the launcher attached to my Macbook Pro to be able to rotate and fire.

Thanks! 🙂

Chuck - 26 December 2011

I could also use the Windows version, just need a link to download it somewhere since dreamcheeky.com is down.

5. john - 27 December 2011

Seconded about downloading the 10.7 DC Missile Launcher NZ, dreamcheeky is down and I can’t find it hosted anywhere else.

6. Chris - 27 December 2011

link to lion compatible version would be awesome.

7. jimmy - 8 June 2012

I’m not used to doing anything computer savy, but how do you delete a Kext file? I looked it up, but so far i haven’t had any success. I’ve tried opening the Terminal and typing

“sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions/USBMissileLauncherAllDrivers.kext”

but it says it does not exist. (same happens with spaces, Underscores, and dashes in between words.) I’m feeling very unintelligent right now.

David Wilson - 9 June 2012

Hi there.

There are two way to remove the file:

1. do it in the Finder – graphically. click on the file, delete it/move it to the trash. You will be asked by MacOS to authenticate.

2. You almost had the remove command right. The catch is that the file is actually a directory and you have to remove it’s contents as well. Also if the file name has spaces in it, it’s easier to put the filename in quotes. So the following command will do the trick. Though you will have to prefix it with sudo and then authenticate as well.

rm -r “/System/Library/Extensions/USB Missile Launcher All Drivers.kext”

– David

8. Don Kleppinger - 26 December 2012
9. Kaw - 17 September 2013


10. Amir - 12 November 2013

hey david,
I have an old missile launcher… v1.x… I run maverick how do I download the application? the above link is not working…

kindly email me…


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