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TrafficCamNZ – in the new update for Mac OS Desktop version 17 May 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

Version 1.0.1 was released in the Mac App Store on 10 May 2011. While that version was working through the approval process at Apple I was working on the updates for the next version. I’m pleased to say that the changes have gone well and I think that TrafficCamNZ users will be pleased with this update. Here’s a peek at what’s coming: * Image update activity in progress is displayed now indicated for each image * Stability and performance improvements related to memory handling * The Main window will remain the active window after splash screen dissapears * Clicking an image in the main window will cause it to refresh
* Right clicking an image in the main window will zoom the image to full screen and refresh the image

And the big new feature in this release is: TIMELAPSE CAPTURE
TimeLapse capture of cameras generate quicktime movies – for each camera that you wish to perform a timelapse capture on you define how many seconds to to wait before the next capture – you can set up more than one camera to be captured in a single run. You stop the capture by clicking the stop button and the movie for each camera is created.

Before I submit this update to the Apple for approval I need to conduct some performance testing. In the mean time I’ve pasted a screenshot of TrafficCamNZ and the new TimeLapse window below. You may have to click on the image to see it full size.

I hope you like the updates so far. I you have comments/suggestions leave them here or e-mail them direct to me. I would also be happy to receive new cameras pre-loaded in the TrafficCamNZ XML file format for inclusion into the main data feed. So if you have something, please get in contact.


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