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BIOS Weather Station – Mac Software Update 8 January 2011

Posted by David Wilson in Mac, Weather Station.

I had received notification of problems with the Mac BIOS Weather Station software. That lead to an investigation and some tangents, actually a major tangent which involved re-writing the underlying USB code to be much more compliant with current standards. During the process of debugging and testing I believe I’ve discovered what the actual issue is that people have been encountering. So two items of good news really:

  1. The USB code has been re-written for future compatibility and other projects (major bonus really)
  2. Identification of a timing issue, exposed by todays faster hardware

The Mac Weather Station software sends an initialisation sequence to the device. It would seem that if this is performed too fast something goes wrong and the set up is incomplete. Quite simply an existing code delay needed to be increased and the problem solved itself. My guess here is that over the last few years as we’ve all replaced our computers with faster ones this little code delay has gotten slightly faster and eventually hit the break point for some.

So, I have a new version of the Weather Station Software.

Download Link.

Note: This software should run on mac OS 10.5 and above (it has been tested on 10.6.6).

– David



1. Chris - 9 January 2011

Thank you tons for working on this!!!!

Do you happen to have an imperial version?

David Wilson - 9 January 2011

Not at this stage.

I’ll need to look at the separate imperial project to see where the changes were. Effort shouldn’t bee too much. I’ll let you know.

– David

Art - 3 February 2011

Just wanted to chime in and say “THANKS”!
Looking forward to Imperial Version Update.


2. James - 13 November 2012

having issue with 10.8. any plan to update and support imperial version?

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