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TrafficCamNZ – Usage tip #4 5 January 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

All Images

This tab allows you to quickly scroll through the library of cameras and see the images that are available right now for each camera.

  • Images are not cached.
  • Images are retrieved from their respective servers every time the camera is scrolled onto the screen.

If you want to refresh a camera image, simply scroll it off the screen and back on – this will fetch a new image from that cameras server – if one is available.
You can scroll through the library very quickly. Doing so will request each image from it’s server and could use a substantial about of network traffic if you are on a Telco carriers network rather than WiFi. Also retrieving lots and lots of image could slow your device down as there is no limit on the number of images queued for retrieval – there is however a network timeout so some retrievals could fail.
if you scroll too fast for the images to update, then as they are retrieved they could show in in places meant for another camera. if that happens on a camera listing that you know is wrong or suspect is wrong, scroll the image off the screen and back on to trigger the image refresh.

As in the Library list, you can also search in the All images list.

At the top of the list of cameras is an area where you can key in a camera name or URL, full or partial of either. after you tap the search button the results are shown. To clear out the search, tap the x to the right of the search field and then press cancel – this will result in the full list of cameras being shown again.

Getting through the camera list quickly
As distributed the list of camera descriptions have been prefixed with short abbreviations for country/city names [AK] – Auckland, [FR] – France, [UK] – United Kingdom. The library of cameras is sorted based on the description field. The first 5 characters of the description are used as a reference/quick index with that list being presented on the right hand side of the screen. You can tap on those letters to get quickly to that point in the list of cameras.

– David



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