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TrafficCamNZ – Usage tip #3 5 January 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

Library (aka Camera List)

Taping on the Library tab will show you the list of cameras that TrafficCamNZ has. The library list of cameras is loaded by the application when it launchers from a file contained on the device. if you wish to edit details of any of the cameras (names, URL’s, GPS coordinates, wether to feature on the main screen or not) you can do so by finding the camera in the list and taping on it. This will take you to the camera screen where you can edit and save the changes. Tip #1 covered adding a new camera, these are the same details you cane edit.

Green dots vs. Red dots – what are these?
In the screenshot shown below you can see that each camera has a red dot next to it except the camera [AK] N3 Northcote which has a green dot. The green dot simply means that the you (or the program defaults) has selected the camera to appear on the Featured screen each time the images re refreshed.

Searching the Library
At the top of the list of cameras is an area where you can key in a camera name or URL, full or partial of either. after you tap the search button the results are shown. To clear out the search, tap the x to the right of the search field and then press cancel – this will result in the full list of cameras being shown again.

Getting through the camera list quickly
As distributed the list of camera descriptions have been prefixed with short abbreviations for country/city names [AK] – Auckland, [FR] – France, [UK] – United Kingdom. The library of cameras is sorted based on the description field. The first 5 characters of the description are used as a reference/quick index with that list being presented on the right hand side of the screen. You can tap on those letters to get quickly to that point in the list of cameras. It is important to be consistent in the set up of your descriptions so that you can remember where the cameras are filed and allow you to easily navigate back to the camera as the main library now has more than 5000 cameras listed. On the other hand – you could always search for the specific camera you are after.

Deleting cameras
It is possible to delete cameras from the list. This is done by taping the edit button at the top of the screen, then you tap on the minus sign next to the camera you wish to delete and finally tape the delete button (see the screen shot below).

Adding Cameras
Adding a camera is done through the Library, or the Map screen – this will be covered in another tip, and is done by clicking on the + (plus) symbol at the top right of the screen.

– David



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