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TrafficCamNZ – Usage tip #1 3 January 2011

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

Adding new cameras
TrafficCamNZ accesses images on the internet via a web address or URL (e.g. http://somesite.xyz/image.jpg). These images are provided by the individuals/companies/government organisations that set up the cameras. Adding new cameras into TrafficCamNZ is easily accomplished once you know what the specific camera URL is – finding this is the hard part. Some web sites make this easy, others make it really hard.

The simplest method is to find an image on a web site http://www.htsgroup.net.nz/transit/ right click on an image and select “copy image address” or “open image in new tab” (this example performed with Safari). In the new tab you can see the image address. This is the address you use in TrafficCamNZ.

With the URL you need to add a Description – this is so that we can find the camera when we want to edit it, turn on Feature on Main Screen – this will display the image on the front screen after the application starts up. Note that yup to a maximum of 19 images will be displayed (as you scroll the images left to right). Set the display Order/Sequence by putting in a number, starting at 1 – you choose the number, the images are sorted in that sequence. if you don’t put a number in the application will start randomly numbering the images as they are displayed from 100. If you know the GPS coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) for the camera even better as this will allow the camera to be placed on a map view – if the camera is where you are located now, you can tap the button to capture your current location. Tap the save button at the top of the screen.

After the save, the added camera will appear in the list of cameras. The green dot to the left means that this image has been requested to feature on the main screen.

Tap on the camera, it’s details are shown on the screen. Scrolling down will reveal the image retrieved from this URL. Any cameras you add or edit in this way can be e-mailed to me by clicking the button E-Mail Author. That way I can incorporate your updates in the next update to the main camera file for everyone.

Now when you tap the featured tab at the bottom of the screen and press the refresh button, your screen should look something like this. And note that our image is displayed first because I set the sequence number to 1.

Next time I will write up something about the preferences. There are a lot of options built onto the preferences and you can use them while traveling (if the cameras in your travel area have GPS coordinates).

– David



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