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TrafficCamNZ – News 27 May 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

TrafficCamNZ has had some more enhancements and fixes over the last few days. Some new staff for the iPad, and some important bug fixes to address some crashes. The fix list is below. I discovered a critical bug the other night when I was myself trying to add a new camera and edit its details. Woops, crashed the app. The good news here was that it was reproduceable which allowed me to fix the error (and hopefully not break anything else in the process). I’ve also reviewed some of the crash logs from you care of Apple and I believe I’ve addressed a couple more of the more common crashes.

Here’s the fix list!

1.5.5 Added iPad specific single image screen from tab bar. Select your image from the popover menu. Bring up the menu by clickling on the camera icon in the top left of the screen.
1.5.5 Internal improvements for image handling
1.5.5 Display enhancements to the preferences screen, HUD now rotates with device rotation
1.5.5 All Images tab will indicate inprogress activity while images are being retrieved
1.5.5 Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when editing/saving camera details
1.5.6 Fixed an issue were reporting a location services failure would cause the application to crash
1.5.6 Fixed a crash with predictive mode – issue was related to calculating distances between GPS samples and maintaining compatability with older iPhone OS

I’m currently testing and will work through a submission to the AppStore for approval.

– David



1. Roy Leep - 2 June 2010

Hi Dave:
Using an iPad with v. 1.5.4 on XP pc. I no sooner get my favorites selected than it crashes and apparently goes back to default pictures.
2. When I go back to the Library it seems to have changed and I can’t find Florida sites!
3. Wish entering url cameras was easier, maybe you have the solution in this newsletter somewhere.
4. Detecting doesn’t seem to work as I have a Webcam and it doesn’t see it!
Glad to see updates coming.
Tampa, FL

David Wilson - 2 June 2010

Hello Roy…

Thank you for your comments.

There is a possibility you have come across a bug that I have been unable to find. The good news is that if it is what I think it is, I have a work around.

1. Run the app 2. tap the i (in the top right hand corner) 3. tap Merge XML 4. When this is complete exit the application – this will save the data file. 5. Rerun app, select your favourite cameras.

Hmmm, and thinking about it, this issue may be the same one I uncovered last week for which a new version of the app is currently pending approval by Apple.

Entering URL’s is somewhat of a pain. An external keyboard makes live _much_ easier. If you have or know of a bunch of URL’s you would like to see added, I’ll happily bulk load them for you. Put them in a file, URL, Description, GPS Location (if you have that, lat, long) and I can do a bulk load file. Actually someone in the UK just did that for 71 Cameras in London and I’ve put hem in the main feed.

Good comment about the auto detection. A slight enhancement to the documentation perhaps. It will find the cameras around you, so long as they have been loaded with GPS locations. Which is one reason why on the camera edit screen there is a button to capture the current location. Though again at this point that might cause an issue when attempting to save the data. Hopefully the new App can be approved soon.

– David

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