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TrafficCamNZ and the iPad 1 May 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.

Last night I got my first opportunity to get my hands on an iPad (I had to return it). I haven’t run out to get one yet as: A. I’m in New Zealand, not the US
B. I want to get one with 3G

So for the first time I got to run TrafficCamNZ on the iPad face-to-face as it were. It was an interesting experience. I discovered a number of things that were not right, specifically things like the preferences screen, the individual camera screen, and the all images tab were showing the iPhone version of the screen and not the iPad version. That’s not how it looked in the simulator. So used the opportunity to get that right. I’ll make a update submission to the App Store soon.

– David



1. Stacey Craft - 12 May 2010

The images i added for my local commute worked well initially but have failed and i get the following message on my image: Error 401: image expired.
Please help as this would be a great app if I can get my images to work again.

David Wilson - 12 May 2010

What are the URL’s of the affected images?

– David

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