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TrafficCamNZ – new update soon 8 April 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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With the most recent release of TrafficCamNZ there were some significant new features based on your location and the location of cameras around you. There are now three modes of operating:

Mode 1.
Standard – will display images that you have pre-selected to be your favourite images

Mode 2.
Auto detect cameras – this uses location services on your device to determine your current location and selects the cameras to display depending on how far they are away from you. The preference setting lets you alter the detection range. Images are displayed in this mode regardless of the favourite setting you have set on the individual camera.

Mode 3.
Predictive – this mode is experimental, though feel free to try it out. It is designed to display cameras based on your direction of travel, how far ahead (in minutes) you want to view, your current speed and an angle of view. Imagine you are traveling in a car or bus or truck. The angle of view might be set to 60 degrees. Based on this the program will look forward of this position (30 degrees either side of an imaginary center line) and look for cameras that are within range. Direction and speed details used are based on a number of samples that you can set and are averaged. Phew, that’s a bit of a quick trip! I might have to draw a picture for this. [update – a picture!]

Since the release (version 1.5.0) I have found a couple of issues. If you are getting some unexpected behaviour, make sure that mode 2 and mode 3 (autodetect and predictive) are NOT both set to on. The new version will prevent this. Some more details of changes come though are below. This version is still in development and has not yet been submitted for approval.

1.5.2 Fixed an issue on startup when trying to autodetect cameras around our location
1.5.2 The refresh button/icon on the single camera image view has been updated. It is also disabled when an image is being refreshed
1.5.2 Enhanced preference settings to that Auto detect and Predictive mode can not be selected at the same time
1.5.2 Altered the behaviour of the Map view to reduce the number of pins added to the map to help improve performance



1. Adam - 30 April 2010

How can I get online or (live) the tarfficCamNz ?

David Wilson - 1 May 2010

> How can I get online or (live) the tarfficCamNz ?

TrafficCamNZ needs a 3G for WiFi connection to work. It displays still images, not motion or video.

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

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