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TrafficCamNZ – Latest updates – V 1.3.2 31 January 2010

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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Version 1.3.2 of TrafficCamNZ has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval and release.This release contains an important fix and more new enhancements:

1.3.2 Preferences screen altered to display the total number of cameras loaded
1.3.2 Help screen altered to display the application version
1.3.2 Added ability to drag and drop cameras (in order to move and position them) in the mapview.
1.3.2 Added check for non blank data before sending an e-mail (no point otherwise).
1.3.2 Fixed a crash that might occur on the All Images tab if the Camera URL was blank
1.3.2 Fixed an issue with URL escape sequences – this prevented some images from displaying

The important fix was required to deal with URL’s that contain escape sequences, i.e. %20 where this represents a space character. These were not being correctly handled and thus the image would not be displayed. Ironically this problem does not occur in the free version of the application. Also due to the keyboard that is displayed when entering a URL, you cannot actually key a space character.

The big change is to the Map tab. You can now add cameras on the Map tab, and pick up and move the camera pins around as well to accurately position them. Also if you now tap on the picture that is shown when the pin is selected you are asked if you would like this camera to be made favorite so that it is shown on the main window. See the screen snapshot below.

And if liv in New York and don’t have the latest data file loaded, do to the info screen (main start screen and tap the i in the top right) and choose XML Merge. This will get the latest set of camera updates which include a whole bunch of New York cameras with GPS coordinates. These show up on the Map as shown in the screen snapshot below.

– David

David G. Wilson



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