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Wanted: Images for TrafficCamNZ 20 October 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone.
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I would like to add more image URL’s to my iPhone application TrafficCamNZ. It can be quite a task searching the web for new URL’s and their descriptions. So I thought I’d start off taking an easy approach. If you have any URL’s and associated camera descriptions can you please post them here or e-mail me directly and I’ll work on building a new release of the XML file that contains all of the camera.

I have this evening been working on some changes to the New Zealand cameras. The people that host these cameras have made changes recently breaking previous URL’s. I need to test these changes a bit more but there will be a camera XML file update shortly.

These URL’s are valid.









– David



1. Vindi - 29 October 2009

Hi, I just purchased your app. on my iPhone and would like to try to locate all those cam for SFO (SF airport 101 freeway), I-280 South / North going to / SF to San Jose. I’m currently having a hard time finding these from your list in your Library. Would you kindly help me? Thanks so much for your time.

David Wilson - 29 October 2009

Hi there!

If I understand correctly you are looking for cameras “SFO (SF airport 101 freeway), I-280 South / North going to / SF to San Jose”. All of the cameras in the USA should be stored under [USA]. These can be seen in the “Library” tab and using the index on the right hand side of the page to get quickly to the USA list, you can scroll from there.

If you know of an available web camera that I don’t have loaded, I’m more than happy to load it and release an update to the camera list. I’m not sure that the particular areas you have described loaded. I’m more than happy to load them if I can get a list of URL’s and descriptions.

– David

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