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USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.7.0 Released 30 August 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, Mac, usb, USB Missile.
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Available for immediate download is USB MIssile Launcher NZ v1.7.0. Click on the name or refer to the download links.

Changes in this release are:

  • Preparation for 10.6 compatibility
  • Fixed some potential memory leaks within the AppleScript section of code
  • Fixed more memory leaks in the USB connection handling code
  • Combined kext USB drivers into one file and altered for 10.6 compatibility, made associated program code changes to match
  • Minimum OS Mac OS 10.5
  • Fixed a redraw problem with the background graphic display after a button was pushed
  • Kext updated with missile launcher vendorID and ProductID from Chic technology (seen in France June 2009)
Have Fun! Remember that with Missile Control NZ for iPhone and USB Missile Launcher NZ you can remote control your missile launcher(s) without wires! “look mum, no hands!”.


1. Kapitän - 1 September 2009

How can I uninstall Missile Launcher again? Thx.

2. Fabrice - 1 September 2009


Congratulations for this nice soft.

I still encounter a very frustrating problem, all controls work except … fire !

My model is (0x8021, 0x1941) on mac os x 10.5.

best regards


3. Arko - 4 September 2009


Nice soft, can’t wait to try it!

But my missile launcher does not work. Probably because the model and vendor are different (m: 0x9391, v:0x0416)

Looks exactly like the gray one shown on the interface.

Any idea?

Best regards

Duckula - 19 September 2009

same problem here

thinkJD - 16 May 2010

same problem, any fix?

4. Shan - 6 October 2009

i built a USB airsoft turret identical in concept to the one here:


I am using USB Missile launcher NZ to control it, and it works well except for the fire command. When fire is selected, the airsoft turret will fire for about half a minute, the first 8 seconds of which the airsoft gun will be uncontrollable.

Is there any way to make it fire for 3 seconds instead of 30? I have tried applescript with various delays (delay 0, delay 1, delay 2, delay 3, etc) but nothing seems to make a difference. Little yellow airsoft pellets go everywhere otherwise lol

David Wilson - 6 January 2011

Shan… awesome project, nice finished project. I’m unsure why I never saw this post when you originally made it.
Changing the fire timing will require some additional coding within the software. Either a custom build or a special launcher type that simply duplicates the internal code and then alters the timing parameter. Did you ever do this?

5. Rddd - 16 December 2009

David! David!
the download links are down for versions 1.6 and 1.7 😦 is there any chance of getting them back up? You’re a champ! Keep up the awesome work!

David Wilson - 16 December 2009
6. Kolbe "Santa's Screwed" Wolfe - 26 December 2009

Hey, I’m having problems making the webcam that came attached to this missile launcher work. It always goes directly to my iSight and doesn’t even detect the other webcam. How do I address this? Is this at all related to a “system extension cannot be used: PulseDriver.kext” error message that I received after initial installation?

David Wilson - 26 December 2009

If you don’t already have it, download and install macam. This is, I think, a sourceforge project. Once installed, you can select your camera source from settings.

PulseDriver.kext has not come from the USB Missile Launcher NZ software. I do not know what this is. The only one you should have of mine (with the missile launcher is) “USB Missile Launcher All Drivers.kext”

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

7. tucker Gardner - 22 January 2010

hey david
will this work for the satellite one? the wireless one?
its this one from dreamcheeky.com

8. Ming Lee - 29 January 2010

Does it work with wireless? Can you make it secure? I’ve seen some nifty secure USB flash driveslately – now if only they could launch missiles…. 🙂

David Wilson - 31 January 2010

Hi Chris.

> Does it work with wireless? For the Mac software, the launcher must always be connected via a USB cable to the Mac. Now if you own a Mac, and own an iPhone, you can wirelessly controller the launcher! – refer to this application in the iTunes App store. http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/missile-control-nz/id320698118?mt=8

> Can you make it secure? errr… there is a unlock switch in the software… that makes it kind of secure.

The software source code is available on the web site for anyone to download, update, and modify. If you or anyone else feel the desire to add such an enhancement I would welcome that change and happily feed the changes back out to everyone via the web site.

– David

David G. Wilson https://dgwilson.wordpress.com http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dgwilson/

9. Red Drag0n - 14 March 2010

i tried updating from the 1.6.0 driver to the newest 1.7.0 driver and for some odd reason it’s not upgrading. Is there any way to fully uninstall the old driver and app and then reinstalling the new driver?

David Wilson - 6 January 2011

Err… sorry. this reply is a bit late. Gulp!

I have recently uncovered an issue with the installer. Actually what was happening is that the “kext” file in /System/Library/Extensions was not being upgraded – I had assumed it was do managed to get myself into all sorts of a bind.


In the finder,
1. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions
2. Scroll to the bottom and find the file called “USB Missile Launcher All Drivers.kext”
3. Delete this file – your mac will ask for an admin usercode and password
4. Install the latest missile launcher software
5. Reboot

Hope that helps.

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