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BIOS Weather Station – BW975 – Imperial 7 May 2009

Posted by David Wilson in Weather Station.
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Thanks to a comment on a previous blog post about the Weather Station software, Mark has modified the program software to that you can have an imperial version.By popular demand….

The Imperial version of the Weather Station software:

Weather Station – Imperial – source code

Weather Station – Imperial Application (ready to run)

So, note that there is now an Imperial application and the original Metric application. In an ideal world there would be one application and the display would change with a preference setting. We’re not there yet. But given the demand and popularity I thought that it would be better to release this.



1. Pip - 7 May 2009

Nice. Thanks for making this version!

2. gatewayy - 8 May 2009

Thank you very much for listening to my feedback!

3. Van Allen, W5VAN - 7 June 2009

I have been running weather-station with my Thermor/Bios BW976. The latest release has a feature that if it looses communication with the station software , it resets the com port. I have been running it for over a month now with no resets required!

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