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USB Missile Launcher NZ – Update 29 March 2009

Posted by David Wilson in iPhone, Mac, usb, USB Missile.
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A few weeks ago I began getting a few messages about the USB Missile Launcher NZ software not working with the DreamCheeky InfraRed launcher. So I decided it was time to update the software so that it would function with this launcher. I’m pleased to report that the software has past testing with an actual launcher. I would like to that those that contributed to the blog comments on what had been done to get things working… now the support for the DreamCheeky InfraRed launcher is built in. As of writing this working version of the missile launcher software has not been publicly released.

Inspired by working with the USB Missile Launcher NZ software again and by the iPhone development I have decided that it is time to get a iPhone client working for the missile launchers. I’ve been thinking about this over the weekend and it seems that directly connecting a USB Missile Launcher device direct to the iPhone would be difficult and unlikely to be allowed by Apple (it seems devices must be “Made for iPod”). Even a home hack as such would be difficult as a minimum requirement would be a female-to-female USB connector would be required or a female to 30 pin dock connector would be required. Even if they do exist hardly anyone would have one.

So… the solution has been to introduce the Bonjour communication protocol into the USB Missile Launcher NZ software. My development version is working and along with my very very rough iPhone program in the simulator it does have control of a Missile launcher connected to my Mac.

If you are still reading and interested in Mac to iPhone client/server communications I can recommend two articles for reading. Very good reading and the examples are available for download as well.


Right now the server side implementation for USB Missile Launcher NZ is fairly well complete. The iPhone implementation is as I said very rough and while it works enough to prove functionality it now needs significant work for public use. Guess what I’m doing next. If anyone would like to help with fancy graphics (buttons, interface, etc) I would love to hear from you.



1. Ryan H - 2 April 2009

64 bit support? 😦

2. cloud - 11 April 2009

yeah, I would love that as well, since the software doesn’t seem to run on my new macbook pro. Contact me directly if you want further information!

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