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TrafficCamNZ v1.1.4 2 March 2009

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This evening I have uploaded a new version of the TrafficCamNZ application to the iTunes Application Store for approval by Apple. It contains the following new features:

  • Added alphabetical index keyed on the first 5 characters of camera descriptions to the main camera list screen easier and faster navigation 
  • Added alphabetical index keyed on the first 5 characters of the All Images list screen for easier and faster navigation * Minor change to preferences for the URL to load the XML file. Removed the “x” to clear the text – I accidentially cleared out the URL too many times! 
  • Added check to see if the last XML update was within the last 7 days. This will speed up the application start time by not downloading the XML file every time the application is started. 
  • Optimised tableView performance as recommended by Apple for table cell row height, refer iPhone SDK release notes v2.2 
Additionally I have a new list of cameras waiting to be released for you [after the new application version is approved as it makes working with the large number of cameras that much easier]. This update contains over 500 new cameras from around the world – Germany, France, Australia (Sydney), USA (Minnesota DOT), and Canada (Ontario).
I will hold off on releasing this update until the new version of the application is approved/released by Apple. Significantly in this new release I have added the section index feature to the camera list tables. This allows the user to very quickly navigate to the section of the table that interests them. In other words, you don’t have to scroll you way through the 400 or 600 USA cameras to get to the 9 Wellington cameras. Touch the short abbreviation on the right hand side of the screen and go straight to that section. Take a look at the screen shots below…



– David



1. kelly - 4 April 2009

would you be able to load ohio web cams up? specifically summit county?

David Wilson - 6 April 2009

Hi Kelly…

Have you got any links to existing web cameras? c/- DOT or otherwise?

I’ll have a look, I’ve found some of the US web sites hard to find and then hard to understand when I don’t know the geographical location, so what I see may not be of great value to others.

Is this what you’re after?

I’ve also found this… you’ll need to scroll down…


Am I on the right track?

If you want to help, I’d love to received a file that has the image/web URL followed by a tab and a description of the picture.
I can turn that in to something for the import file and get it online relatively quickly.

2. Lisa - 4 July 2009


I am having trouble with the Nashville Tennessee, USA cameras. I have input the urls but can’t get the pictures to load. Here is an example of a url, http:www.tdot.state.tn.us/cctv/cctvnash/cam81.asp. Would you please advise. Thank you. : )


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