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Mac OS – Time Machine and AirPort Extreme Base Station 21 March 2008

Posted by David Wilson in Mac, Uncategorized.

Apple released TimeCapsule and Airport 1.0 last week and since then various blog sites and forum postings have been filled with comments about now being able to backup using Time Machine to disk attached to an AirPort Extreme base Station. Sadily, I could not.And I’ve figured out that the disks attached to my AirPort Extreme Base Station were setup at a time when my Mac was running 10.4.x (not Leopard)… Anyway, this fix worked for me… read on…

I’ve got 2 x external hard drives connected to my AirPort Extreme base station. The base station disk sharing is configured to be on with user accounts created and as it happens at the moment guest access read/write (though I suspect that doesn’t matter). [an interesting side note with 2 drives, is that “my personal drive” created by having user accounts now has nothing in it where it once did – it’s on the 1st or 2nd hard drive and the Air Disk utility is showing me the other drive]…

anyway back to the Time Machine subject…

1. Using Airport Utility, disk connect all users of your hard drives.
2. Physically disconnect your USB disks and connect to your Mac.
3. At this point a file is created on your hard disk (may well not have been there before) “.com.apple.timemachine.supported”. The file has no contents.
4. I then copied the file into the Shared folder on both volumes – doing this using sudo from terminal of course
5. I then copied the file into the Users/<my user> on the volume that was sharing user folders – same as above
5. Also while I had the drives connected to the Mac directly, I took the opportunity to run disk utility and First Aid repair disk (which found and fixed errors on both drives).
6. Unmount disks from Mac
7. Connect back to AirPort Extreme Base Station
8. Run TimeMachine (turn on)…. look mum I can see volumes to back up to!

backup in progress…

credit to the posting at TUAW by tobias



1. David Wilson - 26 March 2008

Hmm… we seem to have a problem…

26/03/08 7:55:38 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd[18218] Mounting disk image /Volumes/Enterprise/David’s Computer_0017f2cced6c.sparsebundle
26/03/08 7:57:27 PM kernel disk1s2: 0x23 (UNDEFINED).
26/03/08 7:57:27 PM diskarbitrationd[44] unable to repair /dev/disk1s2 (status code 0x00000008).
26/03/08 7:57:28 PM kernel hfs: late journal init: volume on disk1s2 is read-only and journal is dirty. Can not mount volume.
26/03/08 7:57:28 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd[18218] Failed to attach to disk image, returned: 109
26/03/08 7:57:28 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd[18218] Failed to mount disk image /Volumes/Enterprise/David’s Computer_0017f2cced6c.sparsebundle
26/03/08 7:57:28 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd[18218] Backup failed with error: 21

2. Alex Palma - 18 April 2008

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