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iPhone control of Missile Launcher 15 March 2008

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Here’s an idea…

Now that the iPhone SDK has been released it’s time to start thinking about how the iPhone or iPod Touch could be used to control and fire missiles from the USB Missile Launchers. So I’ve been thinking…

1. Missile Luncher(s) are connected to a Mac running USB Missile Launcher NZ software

2. iPhone/iPod Touch software uses accelerometer to control axis movement of the launcher and touching the screen fires the launcher

How will it work internally?

We’ll I don’t know nearly enough about the SDK yet. The USB Missile Launcher NZ software is AppleScript enabled. So the thought is that if the iPhone application can send through AppleScript events to the Mac running the USB Missile Launcher NZ software then we have a winner!

The hard bit here is that I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch with which to test and I live outside the US and cannot enrol the iPhone developer program at this point. If anyone wants to try developing this idea I look forward to hearing from you.

– David



1. jt - 26 April 2008

i was hoping someone would come up with a program to do this.

2. alexT - 24 June 2008

3. Would it be possible to run and control the ML straight from the iPhone/iPod. A good place to start would be to check the iPhone SDK for (if any) implementation of IOKit.
The iPhone and iPod both run a slim USB client/host called On The Go OTG, so such a thing as controlling USB devices should be possible.
Once communication is established to the ML a program could be created that indeed uses the Accelerometer technology to control the ML.

3. crazy tode - 15 January 2009

moreover it would be even cooler to connect the usb missile launcher directly to the iphone/ipod touch via usb and then to control it like that. or an missile launcher with wifi… or edge… or a fridge

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