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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4.10 Release 31 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

I’m pleased to announce that the USB Missile Launcher NZ software now supports the DreamCheeky “RocketBaby” launcher. There were a number of people who assisted with getting this release across the line, thank you to Joe (for sending me a launcher) and Phil for his USB support (particularly his use of the USB Protocol Analyser and the requirement for reading the HID Descriptor).

Details of changes in this release.

  • Correct issues with Installer Maker packaging not working (something to do with spaces in file names?)
  • Have received actual Rockey Baby Launcher for testing, testing completed – up/down/right/left/fire all working – also detected correctly full travel movement responses from launcher
  • Correct application launch issues when kext not installed and causes application crash
  • Found and fixed a bug in the FindInterfaces USB code, this may have effected some launcher operations
  • Adding support for new DreamCheeky Launcher (internal name = RocketBaby)
  • Added new kext for RocketBaby support
  • Added code to DeviceAdded to read the HID Descriptor (the RocketBaby won’t work properly unless this is done). It is now done for all launchers
  • Enhanced application version checking code
  • Added message to display window if launcher is actually connected at application start
  • Added “Prime Fire” button – works for two models of DreamCheeky launcher. This means that there is now a shorter time to actually fire when you do fire.

Please refer to the download links on the left of this page to get your updated release.

Note: I have had some issues with the PackageMaker under Leopard while trying to get this release produced. As a consequence, the folder that is installed within the Applications folder on your machine has been renamed to have the spaces removed file from name. You may be left with the old folder in the Application directory, this can be removed.

For anyone trying to do their own coding for this launcher, here are the updated control codes:

// Set up Packet - 21 09 00 02 00 00 00 00
// 0x01 - down
// 0x02 - up
// 0x04 - left
// 0x08 - right
// 0x10 - fire
// 0x20 - stop
// 0x40 - request status
// 1. To fire, Send 0x10
// 2. The motor keeps working now, keep sending 0x40 to ask for status (say, every 100~500ms)
// 3. If 0x00 received, then the missile is not fired.
// 4. If 0x10 received, them missile is fired.
// 5. If the missile is fired, send 0x20 to stop it.
// Other launcher Responses - these are returned as bits and thus you need to check like "if (rbBuffer[0] & 0x01)" using Bitwise AND
// 0x01 - all the way down
// 0x02 - all the way up
// 0x04 - all the way left
// 0x08 - all the way right
// 0x10 - fire has completed



1. Nick - 3 January 2008

When I download the 1.4.10 dmg and mount it, the installer file is there but my machine doesn’t recognize the file type. I assumed it was a .pkg but still, when I add the extension, it doesn’t know what to do with the file.

I got the Circus Canon for Christmas and I can’t wait to get it up and running on my mac, any thoughts?

2. RuffBlogs.com » USB Missile Launcher Under Linux - 3 January 2008

[…] not sure if this version of the missile launcher itself supports diagonal movement or not, as David Wilson’s project for Mac, certainly far more intense than my feeble efforts here, has not discovered the magic codes for […]

3. David Wilson - 3 January 2008

What machine and what os version are you using?

The installer should work without any problems under 10.4 or 10.5 – I can’t say that the 1.4.10 installer package will work on the older OS. The application certainly wont.

You could also go to /Applications/Utilities and run the installer program manually, then ask the installer to open the .pkg file (at least see what happens).

4. Nick - 3 January 2008

10.4.10 Dual 2 GHz PPC

5. Nick - 3 January 2008

I got it, turns out Installer had disappeared from my Utilities folder. My admin put it back and the installer worked great.

Thanks for the great work.

6. Prune - 8 January 2008

Do you think your drivers can work with any Joystick ?
I have the SpaceNavigator (http://www.3dconnexion.fr/products/3a1d.php) which should be seen as a HID device. Will this work ?
how to map a direction of the joystick to a direction of the missile launcher ?

Thanks for your great work !

7. andy - 8 January 2008

hey, idk if im missing something somewhere, but it took me a pretty long time to realize that i had to change the product and vendor id’s to the values shown in the post below before i could get the software to recognize my rocket baby launcher. it seems like that should be mentioned in the readme or the program help somewhere, just a suggestion, might save some people some confusion. other than that, great program, thanks for all your effort getting these things to work with macs.

8. David Wilson - 8 January 2008

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve just added the following to the Read Me file.

Getting your launcher to work: Configuring the Missile Launcher Software
In most cases the first run of the software will set up the preferences file to support your launcher. However you may need to alter the “Launcher” preferences to add some precision. Specifically if you have a “StrikerII” (that’s the grey launcher with the built in Laser) you will need to alter the preferences so that the launcher type of StrikerII is specified against the correct USB Product ID and USB Vendor ID. If you only have the one launcher, then just change the drop down menu from OrigLauncher to StrikerII, Apply the defaults, then quit and restart the program.

For your reference here are the USB Vendor ID’s and Product ID’s of the launchers. The hex codes for each launcher are presented first, followed by their decimal equivallent.

Original Launcher (Grey)
USB Vendor ID 0x1130 4400
USB Product ID 0x0202 514

StrikerII (Grey) includes laser
USB Vendor ID 0x1130 4400
USB Product ID 0x0202 514

DreamCheeky (Green and Black) – Assumption is that the Circus cannon works as well
USB Vendor ID 0x1941 6465
USB Product ID 0x8021 32801

DreamCheeky (Green and Black) – known internally as RocketBaby (referred to by USB Missile Launcher NZ as DreamRocketII)
USB Vendor ID 0xa81 2689
USB Product ID 0x701 1793

I hope that helps to clarify things and I’m really please that you’d managed to sort it out. I’m going to have to make some changes in this area soon, especially with more launchers being developed…

– David

9. David Wilson - 8 January 2008

Now that looks like a really nice Joystick.

If the device does indeed present itself as a HID joystick, then it should work and you can use the preferences to identify a button for “Fire”.
If it is not a HID joystick and/or you have software loaded to control its functionality, then I don’t know what will happen. You are welcome to test and I look forward to any reports of success or otherwise.

If you want to take a look at the source code, you are most welcome. If you are able to identify any changes that should be incorporated into a future release I’d be happy to do so. On the other hand, if anyone wants to send me one of these I can look at changing the code myself.

– David

10. jared l. - 6 March 2008

First off, this driver works very well. I did have one question about it though. I’m trying to control the launcher’s firing direction from a remote source. I was curious if it’s possible to send the driver commands through a terminal (maybe applescript?). If so, that would be great!

Thanks for the driver!

11. David Wilson - 9 March 2008

Hi Jared…

In the application folder “USB Missile Launcher NZ” the “read me.rtf” file contains details of how to drive the application with applescript. Here’s an example from the read me file.

tell application “USB Missile Launcher NZ”
move right seconds 2
move left seconds 2
move up seconds 1
move down seconds 1
delay 7
end tell

Do have a read of the full text though for more instructions.

– David

12. Carlo - 11 May 2008

Sorry for my bad english. I have striker II on powerbook pro (OS 10.4.10), I download USB Missile Launcher NZ Version 1.4.10 – build 141. Now my missile launcher shot, but no move. Can you help me. Thank you. Carlo

13. Scroller - 21 July 2008

Heh, my Missile Luncher move, but not fire. Wha’s wrong? Hepl, please!!!

14. David Wilson - 21 July 2008

Hi There…

Can you test your launcher under windows with the vendor supplied software?

Typically from past reports these issues have been faulty hardware.

15. USB missile launcher - 4 October 2011

I really like this gadget and I have a few of them. It works like charm.

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